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About Us

Internet magazine “Beneficially” starts to operate in the field of health and nutrition.

The articles on this site are written by experts from reliable sources.
These articles are only for increasing the general information of people and have no medical use. in case of illness; It is also necessary to contact your doctor before taking any action.

To comment on any article, please comment on the same article. We will be happy to hear your comments and criticisms.

Guest post (It’s Free!)

This website has provided an opportunity for professionals to publish their authentic articles in the field of health on this website under their own name.

You can place your article on the website under the following conditions:

– The content must be in English
– Because the content is placed in the main categories, it must be related to the category
– The content must be completely correct in terms of writing and rules, transliterated and low-quality content will not be approved
– The selected topic should not already exist on the website
– The image size should be 800:600 and its quality should be high
– There should be no website address or logo on any of the images
– There are no tags or reporting categories
– Editing the article includes a fee
– The article should not have an advertising appearance and the name of the product or brand should not be repeated (with the opinion of the editor).
– Only one follow link is given at the end of the article with the word “name of person, source or main domain address of the site”.

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