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Arabica Coffee Benefits & Side Effects + #Features

The growth of Arabica coffee trees requires an altitude of 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level. These trees are very sensitive to weather conditions and are more vulnerable to pests. One of the reasons why these types of seeds are more expensive is the difficult and sensitive growing conditions of this tree.

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About Arabica Coffee bean

All types of coffee have characteristics that distinguish them from other coffees; Arabica coffee also has its own characteristics, in the following we describe the characteristics of Arabica coffee:

  • Great taste and aroma
  • More pickles
  • Lower caffeine than Robusta, the amount of caffeine in these seeds is between 8. It is up to 1.4.
  • The most characteristic flavor characteristic of this grain is less acidity, and the average acidity of this
  • Grain is 1.2%. Of course, they differ from farm to farm
  • Arabica beans are more oval in shape.
  • It has more sugar and fat than Robusta bean.
  • These bean are less resistant to pests.
  • The mentioned bean has a more expensive price
  • 75% of the world’s coffee is Arabica and 25% is Robusta

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The appearance of Arabica coffee bean

These bean have an almost smooth and flat appearance. The middle line of these bean has a slight curve, which can be distinguished from the robusta species with a little precision. By reading this article, you can learn about the types of coffee beans and their differences.

The origin of Arabica coffee

The origin and main areas of Arabica coffee cultivation in the past can be called the mountainous region of Yemen, Ethiopia (southwest) and Sudan (southeast). Of course, the name Arabica is not unrelated to Yemen and Arab countries, which we have discussed in another article about the words of biography and the history of coffee.

If you need relaxation and a comfortable and pleasant sleep, we suggest you use Arabica coffee, which has much lower caffeine. It should be noted that about three quarters of people in the world use Arabica bean. Of course, don’t forget that caffeine creates different states in a person’s body in different moods.

One of the other characteristics of Arabica coffee is its wide range of coffee aroma and flavors. You can find floral, fruity, chocolate, nutty, citrus, etc. flavors from this type of coffee. People who get heart palpitations or have digestive problems after drinking coffee should look for their drink in Arabica coffees.

arabica coffee
arabica coffee

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Arabica bean producing countries

Countries that produce this bean include Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras, etc.

Arabica coffee benefits

Arabica coffee has a unique taste and less acidity, this coffee has less caffeine compared to Robusta beans. Arabica coffee has anti-cancer properties due to its high amount of antioxidants.

This coffee has antimicrobial properties and prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and memory disorders. High potassium is another property of Arabica coffee, which is why it is very useful for strengthening nails and bones.

Disadvantages of Arabica coffee

  • Arabica coffee is more expensive than other products.
  • It is more vulnerable to pests.
  • Arabica coffee has more sugar and fat compared to Robusta beans.
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