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Coffee And Anxiety , Ways To Relieve Anxiety Caused Coffee

Coffee consists of many ingredients. One of them is a substance called caffeine. All coffee lovers love it because of this caffeine. The most famous feature of caffeine that made coffee popular is to increase the level of alertness and keep awake. This is the feature that has made this bitter and dark drink to be with us on exam nights, busy days and evenings when we are sitting at home after a tiring day of work so that we can start the night with an awake mind or bring the rest of the day to the night.

Caffeine, like any other substance, has good properties, but it also has some effects that may not be good. It is a stimulant that causes the release of stress hormones. According to research, caffeine can double the secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol in the body. Yes, this substance sometimes aggravates anxiety like a sudden attack.

can caffeine cause anxiety?

Caffeine actually causes symptoms similar to anxiety disorders in healthy people. such as increased blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate. Now, if someone is suffering from anxiety disorders, caffeine will make his anxiety symptoms and conditions worse. Of course, caffeine does not affect people in the same way. Some people’s bodies are more sensitive to it and others’ bodies can inhibit caffeine to some extent.

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When we drink a cup of coffee, the effects of caffeine remain in the body for about five to seven hours. Of course, this time is different in different people and in some people it remains up to ten hours. The reason for this difference is factors such as genes, gender and age.

Women’s bodies normally metabolize caffeine faster than men’s. Also, the metabolism of caffeine decreases due to the consumption of some drugs, some foods such as broccoli and grapefruit, as well as certain physical conditions such as pregnancy and menopause.

Standard amount of caffeine consumption

Now that we are talking about consuming too much caffeine, you might ask yourself what is the standard amount of caffeine consumption? The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared the maximum daily intake of caffeine to be 400 grams. This amount is equivalent to four to five cups of coffee per day. Of course, this is only a relative amount and it cannot be said that everyone can consume this amount of caffeine every day. Because some people are more sensitive to caffeine and metabolize it at a slower rate. Therefore, if you consume coffee every day, you should see how much of it your body can metabolize in a day.

Obviously, people who have cardiovascular and liver diseases, pregnant and lactating women, and people who need to use other medications regularly should consult their doctor about the amount of coffee they consume.

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Reducing anxiety caused by coffee

According to what we have said so far, do you think it is possible to enjoy the beneficial effects of coffee without suffering from anxiety? Yes. Stay with us so that we can continue to review the solutions to relieve anxiety caused by coffee consumption so that we can drink coffee with great pleasure without worrying about its side effects.

Drink caffeine with other foods and drinks

Scientists believe that consuming caffeine along with protein reduces its effects. So, instead of starting your morning with coffee, it is better to eat a protein-rich breakfast like eggs. Try not to drink coffee immediately after breakfast.

Our body naturally releases the hormone cortisol every morning. Cortisol is energizing and helps us wake up. So if you want to increase your energy for the day, save caffeine for a time of the day when your energy is low.

Reduce your daily caffeine intake

If you are a coffee drinker and drink more than the standard amount of coffee per day, try to gradually reduce the frequency of drinking to reach the standard amount. Can’t give up this hearty drink? So, it is better to get coffee beans from us to relieve the anxiety caused by drinking coffee. The caffeine of these seeds has been greatly reduced during a special process so that those who are sensitive to caffeine can also benefit from the blessing of drinking it.

Pay attention to your lifestyle.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep will help make caffeinated drinks less likely to make you anxious. By changing and improving the lifestyle, the symptoms of anxiety are reduced and its severity is prevented.

Coffee And Anxiety
Coffee And Anxiety

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Determine your preference for caffeinated beverages.

Not all caffeine consumed daily is in coffee alone. Other carbonated drinks such as soda contain more caffeine. Besides, there is no natural caffeine in carbonated drinks and its caffeine is artificially produced.

Soft drinks and unnatural energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar and artificial caffeine that have no nutritional value. But coffee and tea have many health benefits and contain nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Therefore, it is better to eliminate the non-useful caffeinated substances instead of eliminating the useful coffee so that the amount of caffeine you consume per day does not exceed the standard limit.


Undoubtedly, consuming too much caffeine can cause anxiety and is harmful to the body. But instead of focusing on the anxiety caused by coffee, it is better to focus on your eating habits and manage your caffeine consumption during the day so that you can also enjoy the pleasure of drinking coffee, drink a little more diluted.

Drink Americano instead of espresso, or don’t drink one drink at once so that caffeine doesn’t enter your body at once. In short, you have to manage! So check your diet, eliminate harmful caffeinated foods from the program, and then visit the coffee shop and safely get your favorite coffee beans and enjoy drinking this useful source of energy every day.

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