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Does Caffeine Help Migraines? Coffee & Migraines

Many people will swear that caffeine relieves their migraine headaches, and many people may avoid any caffeinated beverage such as coffee when a headache occurs. So the question is, what does science finally tell us about this? What is the effect of coffee on headache and migraine?

And if we are migraine sufferers, where should we put coffee in our lives? In this article, we try to answer these questions as much as possible. So, put your coffee cup aside for now and stay with us until the end of this article to learn more about the effect of drinking coffee on migraine headaches.

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What effect do coffee and migraine have on each other?

The effect of coffee on our mind and health is very wide. However, coffee and migraines have an unknown relationship with each other. In the introduction, we read that the effect of coffee on this disease may be positive or negative. But how is this possible? What is the property of coffee that can make it the savior of migraine sufferers or the main cause of their pain? Stay with us in the rest of the article to get better information about the effect of coffee on headaches and migraines.

Coffee and migraine reduction

When you have a headache, you definitely want quick relief. Whether it’s a normal headache or a migraine, a cup of coffee is usually what we reach for. Because there is a lot of caffeine in coffee and caffeine is one of the main elements in popular painkillers. Caffeine is so effective that sometimes you can reduce some of your pain just by consuming it alone. One of the reasons why coffee is suitable for reducing migraine pain is its anti-inflammatory properties.

In the old theory of migraine, the blood vessels become inflamed, and in the new theory, it is the cells that experience the inflammation. Either way, a migraine can constrict the relaxed blood vessels and stop the blood from rushing to your head. On the other hand, it also reduces cell inflammation. Therefore, whether you believe in the old theory or the opinion of newer scientists, in any case, the caffeine in coffee is one of your saviors during a migraine attack.

Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, coffee can increase the effect of painkillers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Therefore, if you have taken a painkiller during a migraine headache, a glass of coffee will help the painkiller work faster and the pain will stay away for a longer time.

Coffee and migraine aggravation

The very strange thing about the properties of coffee is that the same properties that relieve pain can also cause or increase pain. Let’s look at it this way: your blood vessels first constrict and this is the warning of the onset of a headache. After that, the vessels open and the pressure of the blood flow causes a headache.

Now, if you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine in it can narrow the arteries and reduce your headache. But when the effect of caffeine wears off, the pain starts again.

Another important point is that caffeine consumption is addictive. That is, the body gets used to its consumption, and when you don’t get coffee, your body shows that it needs coffee by starting a headache. Therefore, if you regularly consume, for example, a cup of coffee a day, you may experience migraine attacks by stopping it.

For this reason, the question arises that if we are going to use coffee and the caffeine in it as a headache treatment, how far can we go so that coffee does not become a cause for our headaches? We will answer this question in the next section.

Coffee and Migraines
Coffee and Migraines

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How much coffee and caffeine is suitable for migraine pain control?

In a relatively new study conducted by researchers regarding the relationship between coffee and migraines, 98 people with migraines were asked to keep a diary-like notebook to record their dietary habits throughout the day and the number of times they consumed beverages. Include caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or carbonated drinks. This research, which investigated the relationship between coffee and migraine, had the following results:

If you reach for caffeinated beverages such as coffee three or more times a day, your migraine attacks will increase. But if you drink a caffeinated drink once or twice a day, you are less likely to get a migraine headache first.

It seems that those who do not have much addiction to coffee and caffeinated drinks, a small amount of coffee can reduce the risk of headaches during the day, for example, one or two servings a day.

Of course, one of the weak points in this study is that the researchers did not pay much attention to the amount of caffeine consumption and only paid attention to the number of times it was drunk during the day. That is, a person may drink a small cup of coffee at each meal or consume a larger cup of coffee with more caffeine. But despite these, the results of this research can still be cited.

What can you do about coffee and your migraines?

If you drink coffee and have migraines, you should know that there are still many factors that are unknown about the connection between the two. While doctors and scientists are still working on this, it’s best to listen to your body. For example, if your headache worsens when you drink coffee, stop drinking it, and if you feel better with a glass of coffee, continue drinking it in moderation. Either way, your body will give you the best answer when it comes to choosing the relationship between coffee and migraines.

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