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Coffee and Parkinson, How does coffee prevent Parkinson’s?

Coffee and Parkinson’s have brought many conjectures to medical science with a hidden relationship that still leaves room for many questions. We always know old age as tired and trembling limbs. Maybe that’s why the old man of the stories always walks slowly in theater and film programs, with trembling hands, a bent back.

In this way, the first symptoms of Parkinson’s are confused with the signs of aging and the alarm of this disease is thrown to a far corner. Ignoring the symptoms of Parkinson’s is the same and getting out of control is the same. Although Parkinson’s is a common disease; But its name is not familiar to many of us. Parkinson’s disease is more than a simple hand tremor and physical weakness.

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The progression of this disease eventually leads to the complete disability of the patient and requires 24-hour care. Although there is no definite cure for Parkinson’s disease; But there are drugs to prevent its progression and symptoms. But in the meantime, what is the relationship between coffee and Parkinson’s? What is the place of coffee among the research related to this disease?

Parkinson’s is divided into 5 levels according to the severity of the symptoms. The first level occurs when it destroys 80% of the substantia nigra brain cells that produce dopamine. Dopamine is the substance that enables the transmission of cellular messages, and in its absence, all movements and even speaking of a person are disturbed. Can you imagine what the complete destruction of black body cells means? It means complete disability of the person and severe need for care, which is the fifth level of the disease. At this level, the affected person can only wait for a tragic death, and practically no treatment or remedy is available to him.

Drink a cup of health daily

The amazing news is that, in addition to Alzheimer’s, coffee also prevents Parkinson’s disease from the body. Until now, we have heard a lot about the properties of coffee and we are well aware of the miracle of a cup of espresso coffee. Today we know very well that coffee reduces the risk of diabetes, fatty liver, depression and Alzheimer’s. But new news about the reducing effects of coffee on the risk of Parkinson’s was announced and its popularity multiplied.

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Aging is one of the obvious events in the life of every human being, and of course we all want to save our old age by maintaining healthy habits in life.

Drinking coffee to treat Parkinson’s

Considering the effects of coffee on reducing the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease, many researches have been conducted on coffee and Parkinson’s, which have obtained interesting results. Studies report the biochemical protective mechanisms of this delicious drink.

Coffee has a type of fatty acid (HET) in its wax coating that takes care of brain cells. This substance, together with caffeine, can prevent the accumulation of alpha-synuclein protein and, in this way, save brain cells from permanent destruction.

Coffee also has antioxidant properties, which can play a significant role in the process of protecting cells and even the risk of cancer. In a more colloquial way, it can be said that the main effects of coffee prevent the destruction of brain cells and Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee and Parkinson
Coffee and Parkinson

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Coffee and Parkinson; treatment or prevention?

But can coffee be used to save the sick? In this regard, the researchers did not give up and by conducting numerous researches, they challenged coffee again. As we mentioned, coffee has protective effects.

Studies have shown that although the affected person does not get a chance to fully recover his health by using coffee; But daily consumption of 200 mg of coffee can relieve Parkinson’s symptoms. During a period of 6 months, the researchers treated two groups of mice with Parkinson’s disease with different combinations of caffeine and EHT (caffeine alone, EHT alone or with caffeine) to study their effects on the brain, behavior and morality of the affected mice. Review.

The results were spectacular. Although caffeine and EHT alone did not produce a significant effect; But the combination of the two caused significant progress in improving the behaviors caused by the disease. This function increases brain dopamine signaling, improves the process of intercellular messaging and prevents the death of dopamine producing cells.

In this way, although dead cells cannot be revived; But subsequent cell death is prevented. Note that this is not a cure; But it can be a promise of an effective preventive agent or maybe a cure in future research.

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