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Coffee And Thyroid , Caffeine Withdrawal Thyroid

If you are suffering from different or special diseases, you should be careful in eating and drinking various foods and drinks, one of these drinks is coffee and one of these diseases is “thyroid”. What was said in this article examines the effect of coffee on the thyroid and we try to examine all aspects related to it.

If we want to be honest, we must tell you that any change in daily eating habits can have, giving up coffee can be one of the challenges of these cases.

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The relationship between coffee and thyroid disease

If you are one of those people who have thyroid disease or are using hormonal drugs such as levothyroxine to treat hypothyroidism, you should pay special attention to coffee consumption.

Considering that most coffee drinkers consume this drink in the morning, and the time to take thyroid medication is also in the morning, the simultaneous use of various types of coffee with these medications can significantly reduce the absorption of thyroid medication, which results in It will directly affect the treatment process.

All types of thyroid medication have lasting effects, as long as you take them correctly. In general, it is recommended to take your thyroid medication in the morning on an empty stomach and avoid eating for an hour afterwards. This is true for both generic types of levothyroxine, as well as Synthroid, Levoxyl, Tirosint, and Unithyroid.

Coffee, caffeine and absorption of levothyroxine

Studies show that drinking coffee at the same time or shortly after taking L-T4 tablets can reduce the absorption of thyroid medication in the intestine.

It is believed that the caffeine in coffee is the main cause of this issue. Caffeine can increase intestinal motility or increase the digestion process in the intestine. It may also cause an increase in the amount of fluid that goes from your body to the intestines, resulting in loose stools.

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Both of these cases can cause the medicine you have taken to pass through the intestine in a shorter period of time and leave your body, as a result of which the intended effect of taking the medicine will not be achieved for you. In fact, your medication may even be eliminated from your digestive system before it has a chance to absorb anything.

Researchers have found that for patients taking levothyroxine tablets, an hour after taking thyroid medication, if they drink coffee, they are affected by reduced drug absorption. For this reason, experts recommend that you wait at least 60 minutes after taking levothyroxine before drinking your coffee.

This reduction in L-T4 absorption can occur when drinking coffee, caffeinated tea, hot cocoa, or caffeinated beverages before or shortly after consuming L-T4, although more studies have been done on coffee, but the same effects of caffeine in The principle is important for thyroid patients.

Is there a solution to levothyroxine and coffee?

Tirosint is a soft gel form of L-T4 and Tirosint-Sol is its liquid form. These drugs are absorbed in the body faster than standard formulations. Gel and liquid forms of L-T4 were developed primarily for people with digestive and absorption problems or allergy problems.

Studies have also shown that you can take tyrosinate and tyrosinate-sol at the same time as your coffee without negatively affecting absorption or thyroid hormone levels. However, even though this issue has been reviewed and confirmed by scientific articles, it is not recommended before consulting a specialist doctor.

Changing thyroid medication

Changing your thyroid medication to another brand is generally not recommended because it can cause fluctuating hormone levels and the overall course of treatment. However, if you are experiencing absorption problems or inconsistent thyroid hormone levels while using L-T4, switching to another form of medication may be the solution.

You can talk to your doctor to see if liquid or gel forms are right for you. If it changes, be sure to take your medicine as directed and follow up with the blood tests your doctor gives you to make sure you’re getting the right dose.

Can decaffeinated coffee be a suitable option?

This is a controversial issue, but many doctors do not recommend it for two reasons. For example, many manufacturers use a chemical process to remove caffeine from coffee beans. As a result, there is less caffeine, but more of these chemicals. Second, it’s the caffeine in coffee that has the health benefits we talked about above. Without it, you will face little profit.

Coffee And Thyroid
Coffee And Thyroid

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Decreased absorption levels with coffee appear to be an important issue for L-T4 and have not been observed with other thyroid medications such as thyroxine (T3) and triiodothyronine (T3) compounds or antithyroid medications. Coffee and other caffeinated foods do not interfere with thyroid hormone function and do not increase or decrease the risk of thyroid disease.

It is also important to remember that fiber-rich foods, calcium supplements such as calcium carbonate, and iron supplements such as ferrous sulfate can interfere with the absorption of thyroid medications, and this effect can last for more than an hour. Be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist to avoid taking vitamins or supplements on a schedule that prevents you from receiving the full dose of thyroid medication.

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