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Coffee Cherry , What Is Coffee Fruit Cherry?

The fruit in the picture is very similar to cherry, although it only looks like it. In fact, this fruit is similar to cherry, coffee fruit. The unripe coffee cherry is green in color and the ripe fruit is red or purple in color.

Coffee beans are inside this fruit and are extracted from it during special processing. This fruit goes through different stages to get its head out of your cup. There are two seeds inside each fruit, which are facing each other. The seeds are separated by a thin membrane. Each seed is covered with a thin papery shell.

Coffee grows in tropical areas and needs a lot of rain. Coffee is threatened by many pests. One of the reasons that can affect the quality of this product is late harvest.

After these fruits are picked, during a special processing that is done on them, the grain is separated from the fruit and after passing through several special processes such as roasting, grinding and brewing, etc., the head from your cup in brings.

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Coffee fruit

Coffee cherry: Coffee is initially in the form of a short shrub that can reach a height of 3-3.5 meters.

Coffee beans are actually cherry-like fruit seeds called coffee cherries. This fruit turns red when it is ripe. The coffee plant is grown in the tropical belt and the best weather is warm weather. This plant does not have any resistance against extreme cold, snow and ice and it dies.

Each fruit contains 2 seeds and 5 to 10% of fruits have only one seed.

Components and parts of coffee fruit

1- Pericarp

A layer of parenchyma, green, yellow (luteolin) or red (anthocyanin)

2- Mesocarp

Pectin chains, hydrogel

Fermentation in the dump method and drying in the dry method

3- Undercarp

Coffee bean cover, coffee size limit.

coffee cherry fruit
coffee cherry fruit

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Each coffee bean contains the following components

1- Central cut

2- Seed (inner membrane of the spore)

3- Silver shell (outer skin of the seed)

4- skin (cortex, core shell)

5- Gelatine part

6- fleshy and sweet pith (middle cortex of the fruit)

7- External skin

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And finally we can say:

Coffee cherry and the way the grains and parchments are located in the middle of the grain, which in the end often remain in the grains and appear golden, the 2 grains inside the fruit are separated by a slimy substance called mucilage.

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