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Coffee For Weight Loss & Fat Burning (Methods and How to use)

Coffee is among the top 10 most popular drinks in the world and many people cannot start their day without drinking a cup of coffee. One of the reasons for the popularity of coffee is the variety of its preparation methods. You can prepare it in different ways in the fastest time and complete your breakfast table with it.

Others consider coffee a slimming miracle to lose weight and increase body metabolism. This low-calorie and caffeine-rich drink has an effect on body fat burning, but it does not cause weight loss without a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.

If you are curious to know how drinking coffee affects your weight loss and when you should consume it, this article will help you. Stay with us.

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Coffee for weight loss

As you know, the most important effective ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which has a great effect on increasing body energy and relieving fatigue. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid in coffee beans increase the body’s metabolism and help the body burn fat.

However, if you do not exercise enough, do not eliminate fatty and sweet foods and do not adjust your daily calorie intake, drinking coffee alone will not make you lose weight. If coffee is served bitter and without sugar, it has very few calories and helps you lose weight, so adding sugar, milk or cream will increase its calories.

Using coffee in the long term makes caffeine have less effect on your body and does not have much effect on increasing metabolism and increasing body energy, but it still helps to reduce your appetite.

It is recommended that the daily amount of coffee be between 2 and 4 cups to have a favorable effect on increasing concentration, relieving fatigue and increasing body metabolism. One of the famous coffees for weight loss is green coffee. Be sure to visit the article on the properties of green coffee to learn more about the best time to drink green coffee.

The best type of coffee for fat burning

So far we have learned about the effect of coffee on weight loss. Regarding the type of coffee, it is not bad to know that green coffee has more caffeine and chlorogenic acid compared to black coffee. Black coffee is washed and roasted, and during the processing process, its caffeine is reduced, so green coffee may have a greater effect on burning fat.

Compared to other coffees, espresso coffee has the lowest amount of sugar and calories and is very thick. If you are a fan of this coffee, you should know that the best time to drink espresso coffee for weight loss is before exercise. Drinking coffee before exercise makes you less tired and burns more calories during exercise.

Coffee For Weight Loss
Coffee For Weight Loss

Coffee after meals and weight loss

There are different opinions about the consumption of coffee before and after eating. Some research shows that drinking bitter coffee in the morning on an empty stomach increases stomach acid. People who have stomach reflux or their digestive system does not work well, it is better not to consume bitter coffee in the morning.

However, it is very common to start the day with a cup of coffee to boost energy, relieve sleepiness and increase concentration, so drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not a problem for healthy people.

Lovers of this caffeine-rich drink prefer it before and after meals. Nutritionists believe that the best time to consume coffee is around 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Eating coffee in the afternoon increases alertness and disrupts sleep.

Some experts believe that drinking coffee after meals is effective in weight loss, because coffee does not allow food glucose and cholesterol to increase in the body. However, it is not bad to know that coffee may interfere with the absorption of iron and calcium in food, so people with severe anemia should drink coffee after a meal.

The elderly and people with serious calcium deficiency should reduce their coffee intake, as coffee reduces calcium absorption. About the consumption of milk with coffee, you can read the article on the properties of coffee milk and get the necessary information.

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Arabica black coffee for weight loss

Arabica coffee is one of the most popular coffees for weight loss. This type of coffee grows in Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan and Guatemala. It is interesting to know that the price of Arabica coffee is relatively high.

Arabica coffee grows in high altitude areas and the tree is very sensitive. Arabica is the first type of coffee that was first known in Ethiopia and exported to the world. The caffeine in this coffee is less than other types and it has a relatively mild taste.

Arabica coffee also helps to increase the body’s metabolism, along with adequate movement and regular exercise, but it is not the only way to reach the ideal weight. You can drink Arabica coffee without sugar and cream and enjoy its mild taste and aroma.

The types of coffee that cause fat burning

Espresso coffee

Espresso coffee is a very bitter and dark coffee that is prepared by passing hot pressurized water through ground coffee beans. Espresso coffee is a low-calorie drink and has approximately 3 calories per 30 grams.

Drinking a sip of caffeinated espresso before exercise stimulates the central nervous system and improves athletic performance and burns more calories during each workout.

Drinking espresso also reduces your appetite and reduces the calories consumed in the next meal and the total calories consumed daily.

Consuming espresso caffeine increases heat production in the body and increases calorie burning.

Green coffee

Green coffee is unroasted, raw and green coffee. The key ingredient in green coffee is a very important natural compound called chlorogenic acid, which reduces fats by releasing glucose in the body and increasing metabolism or by burning fat in the liver and converting it into energy.

This substance helps to burn fat in your stomach and around your waist and makes you feel full between meals.

Green coffee can be consumed in the form of capsules. Combining green coffee with a healthy diet and exercise can improve your results.

If green coffee is consumed in excess, it is not only not useful, but it will lead to many problems.

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Ganoderma coffee

Ganoderma coffee is a combination of coffee powder and red ganoderma powder and is a good option for coffee fans and those who enjoy the taste of coffee.

The consumption of Ganoderma coffee for weight loss is such that it should be regularly consumed twice a day, morning and evening, and its effects will be known little by little after the 14th day.

Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee has small seeds and light color and is of high quality and is known as the tastiest coffee in the world. The caffeine in Arabica coffee helps increase the body’s metabolism and causes slimming and weight loss.

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The reason for the effect of coffee on weight loss

For the reasons that you will read in the rest of this section, coffee can help you lose weight.

Burn more calories with coffee

Coffee consumption can cause the body to burn more calories. Caffeine will increase your body’s metabolism and automatically reduce your weight.

Coffee consumption and stimulation of brown body fat

Research has also concluded that coffee stimulates brown fat in the body. Brown fat is fat that is mostly located in the neck and abdomen. This type of fat is responsible for producing heat in the body. Of course, coffee can also reduce white fat, but not as much as brown fat.

Coffee consumption and obesity reduction

Obesity and depression are linked, depressed people either lose appetite, or overeat. Their inactivity and seclusion also cause the food consumed in the body not to burn and turn into fat. Drinking coffee causes a change in the dopamine center of the brain and creates a feeling of euphoria and happiness, and is very useful in improving mood and relieving depression.

Coffee consumption and body cleansing

Coffee is a diuretic and increases urination, removes toxins from the body, and cleanses the liver and kidneys. Consuming coffee causes toxins and excess salt to be removed from the body, and the person is less likely to suffer from chronic diseases and obesity.

Increasing body metabolism with coffee consumption

The caffeine in coffee helps fight germs and contains antioxidants. One of the reasons why coffee causes weight loss is that it does not contain calories, fat and cholesterol, but contains antioxidants that help increase metabolism. Coffee also keeps the immune system healthy and strong.

More physical activity with coffee consumption

Black coffee makes you more physically active and feel more energetic, thus reducing the amount of water weight in the body.

The best way to consume coffee for weight loss

In order to use the properties of coffee for weight loss and fat burning, you must consume natural coffee with water and do not add any flavorings such as sugar, cream, cream, milk, etc., because all of these contain calories and They confuse your weight loss goal.

Packaged coffees that are prepared quickly and sold in the market are not good coffees because they contain chemicals, preservatives and a lot of sugar, and their effect is only harmful to the body.

How much coffee should be consumed to lose weight?

Research shows that caffeine is good for the body. When it comes to black coffee, which has no calories and no fat, you can consume it on a daily basis, but its consumption should not be more than two cups during the day.

The benefits of coffee in the short term include:

Decreased appetite, increased energy for exercise and increased metabolic rate, but drinking large amounts of coffee, more than two cups, is not considered healthy.

Of course, you should be careful that just eating coffee will not cause weight loss, and you should also exercise and have a healthy diet and control your overeating so that weight loss occurs.

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