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#12 Uses of Coffee Grounds That You Have Not Read Anywhere

If you’re like me, you produce a lot of coffee grounds in a week. You may not make any use of these wet, dark wastes, you will surely realize that the trash can is the most suitable place to throw them away. But think again! Coffee grounds have many practical uses that you may not even know about.
It’s 100% natural and best of all, it’s coffee grounds free.

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Incredible uses of coffee grounds


Coffee grounds are rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. Just put the fresh waste next to the garden. If you’re a brave gardener, use free coffee shop grounds If you add just an inch of coffee grounds to your garden, you won’t see a change in your soil’s fertility. Coffee grounds make up 2% nitrogen similar to grass clippings.

Get rid of the smell of hands

Remove the smell of cooking from your palms with a handful of coffee grounds that you rub on your hands and then wash with warm water.

Get rid of household ants

Ants are extremely sensitive to caffeine. This healthy substance confuses worker ants because they lose their scent. Place coffee grounds where there are ants, they will take it home and eat it. This method will take a few weeks to see, but after a while you will notice a decrease in the ant population.

Making soap

It is easy to make soap with this cheap ingredient and it smells good on the skin.

Eliminate the smell of the refrigerator

Refrigerators are full of smells, so put a fresh, unused coffee mug in the refrigerator and let it sit for a day or two. Coffee absorbs the smell and smells fresh.

Keep cats away

Be safe from cats with the combination of orange peel and coffee grounds that you pour around the garden. If you fear snails invading your garden, cover the soil with coffee grounds to create a “barrier”. A cup of coffee contains 0.05% caffeine, which means that coffee grounds and fresh coffee will not kill snails, but can act as a mild deterrent.

Feeding worms in the garden

Worms are good for the garden and love coffee grounds. So feed them generously.

Fertility of plants

Dilute the rest of the coffee in the glass and pour it into your potted plant. Use coffee grounds as fertilizer for acid-loving plants such as roses, azaleas, peonies, camellias and camellias.

Coffee Grounds
Coffee Grounds

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Exfoliation of coffee grounds

Gentle peeling, coffee grounds are suitable for cleaning the surfaces of the refrigerator, gas is suitable, wash them individually or in combination with soap and sponge.

Cleaning the steel sink with coffee grounds

As mentioned above, coffee grounds are relatively abrasive and therefore very effective for cleaning steel surfaces. Clean the floor and sides of the kitchen sink to make it shine. You can also pour some of it into the sink to help clean the pipes.

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Cleaning the fireplace with coffee grounds

Before you clean the heater, pour wet scum on the surface and remove dust and fumes.

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