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Difference Between Coffee and Cappuccino

What is the difference between coffee and cappuccino? Coffee has become a versatile drink suitable for mornings, meetings and meeting with friends all over the world, which is why new drinks are prepared with it every day.

You may have heard different names of different types of coffee; Espresso, Turkish, French, Cappuccino, Latte, Ristoretto, Americano, Mocha, etc. are among the most important ones that each has a different preparation method, but the thing that is constant in all of them is that their main base is coffee.

There are various breeds of coffee beans, but most of these names refer to the method of preparation and brewing and the use of coffee machines. Cappuccino is one of them.

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Comparison between coffee and cappuccino

Difference between cappuccino and coffee There are many differences between cappuccino and coffee. Let’s solve them once and for all!

If we want to define coffee and cappuccino simply, we should say:

Coffee is any brewed drink made from ground coffee beans; which is obtained from the seeds of the plant or rather the coffee tree (Coffea), which is classified into 4 main categories: espresso, French coffee, Turkish coffee, and long coffees.

But in the case of cappuccino, it should be said that it is a type of drink that is obtained with coffee extract that has been brewed and combined with milk and foam. That is, the simple formula of cappuccino is: coffee + milk + milk foam.

From the point of view of the amount of milk used in these two very popular drinks, it should be said; Depending on their type, milk is added in different amounts. If you want to drink plain coffee, there is no need for milk and it is served bitter or with sugar or cream.

But in the case of cappuccino, milk is the main ingredient in its preparation, so that a 100 ml serving of cappuccino has 30 ml of espresso and 70 ml of boiled and foamed raw milk, which is even possible sometimes with a ratio of 50 to 50 also use this ratio, it depends on your taste!

Method of  brewing coffee and cappuccino (Recipe)

The difference between coffee and cappuccino is the way of serving coffee and cappuccino. Coffee is usually served in a cup or mug or a tall paper cup, and cappuccino is often served in a large glass or ceramic mug, as its volume is about three times that of coffee.

In terms of the brewing method, the difference between cappuccino and coffee is that the process of producing beans and roasting the beans is done, and then the roasted beans are ground and sold to coffee shops and homes using different equipment. They brew it and extract its extract, which is the most important of these devices; There are electric espresso makers, Mokapot, French press, coffee maker, Jazoh, Komex, V60, Aeropress, etc.

Cappuccino is now prepared using coffee that is extracted with an espresso machine and a coffee pot, and is called espresso.

The working method for having cappuccino is that first they prepare espresso in the size of a shot and pour it into the cup and add the same amount of espresso, boiled milk and at the end add the same amount of milk foam. they do. (1 unit of espresso + 1 unit of boiled milk + 1 unit of milk foam)

If you don’t know what milk foam is, we must say that milk whose protein comes out of the milk in the form of small bubbles and becomes foamy is called milk foam. In order to foam the milk, if you have an espresso machine with a steam nozzle, you can do this, but if you don’t have one, you need to heat it to about 70 degrees and then pour it into the French press and foam it by raising and lowering the lever.

Coffee Vs Cappuccino
Coffee Vs Cappuccino

The difference in the taste of the coffee and cappuccino

Cappuccino levels of acidity and bitterness depend on the type of coffee. By adding milk, the taste of coffee is reduced. Cappuccino coffee has a strong taste. The ratio of coffee to milk in a cappuccino is about 1 to 1.5.

Considering that milk foam is at least double compared to boiled milk. Cappuccino, like any espresso, has a rich and bold flavor, but it can be changed with milk and has a sweet and creamy taste compared to coffee, which has a bitter base taste.

A cappuccino has the same amount of caffeine as a regular glass of brewed coffee because the amount of coffee used for it is the same as espresso. Obviously, because a cappuccino has a shot of espresso and the rest is all milk and milk foam that has no caffeine.

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But the thing that we need to know about cappuccino caffeine is that adding milk causes the caffeine in cappuccino to be absorbed by the body at a slower rate than coffee and has an effect, that’s why many people think that caffeine in cappuccino is less. It is from coffee, which is wrong.

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