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Ganoderma Coffee Benefits and Side Effects

Ganoderma coffee is an instant powder drink that contains coffee powder and mushroom extract called “Ganoderma”. Ganoderma mushroom has healing properties and is also known as “life-enhancing mushroom”, “reishi” or “lingzhi”. In making this coffee, they use other ingredients such as: sugar, coffee supplements and medicinal plants.

It is said that this attractive coffee is both useful and in addition to its many benefits, it helps you to quit and reduce your regular coffee consumption. It means that you don’t consume normal coffee anymore, but “Ganoderma” provides you with the energy you need from coffee.

There are many advertisements about the benefits of this coffee in the media, but none of them have scientific support yet. In the production of “Ganoderma” coffee, a combination of roasted coffee beans and Ganoderma red mushroom extract is used. This coffee, which has been used in China for many centuries, is also known to have many benefits.

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Why do people like Ganoderma coffee?

Fans of Ganoderma coffee claim that consuming this coffee increases immunity, helps to lose weight, relieves fatigue, improves memory, increases energy and stamina, reduces cholesterol, reduces inflammation and stress, reverses the aging process, and improves blood circulation. Besides, it is a rich source of antioxidants.

Ganoderma coffee benefits

To date, none of the scientists have conducted an experiment to prove the benefits of Ganoderma coffee. But some preliminary research shows that this coffee has some benefits. For example, in 2016, the publication of an article that reviewed 5 studies on Ganoderma mushroom showed that this substance can be used as an alternative to traditional treatments. Because it has a great capacity to increase the response rate of the tumor and strengthen the immune system.

Of course, this research, which was published in the Cochrane Foundation, did not find enough evidence to prove its claim and could not introduce this mushroom as a cure for cancer.

In general, research shows that the benefits of ganoderma coffee for the body include various things. In a research in 2006, the properties of Ganoderma coffee in preventing chronic diseases (such as Parkinson’s and types of diabetes) were mentioned. Of course, it goes without saying that coffee consumption has other effects, such as increasing blood pressure (the main cause of heart disease).

Although it is said that “Ganoderma” helps to treat high blood pressure and heart problems, a study in 2015, which was also published in the publication of the Cochrane Foundation, could not find evidence to prove the effectiveness of Ganoderma in the treatment of dangerous factors in the development of cardiovascular diseases. in people with type 2 diabetes.

Ganoderma Coffee
Ganoderma Coffee
  • ✔️  The presence of large amounts of antioxidants in this coffee strengthens the immune system and helps this device to fight viruses and bacteria. Proponents of this coffee claim that these properties reduce high blood pressure, strengthen the liver, eliminate lung problems, and support and protect the respiratory system and blood circulation.
  • ✔️  Claimants of the usefulness of this coffee say that its consumption prevents diseases such as: diabetes, lung disorders, heart diseases and even cancer.
  • ✔️  It is said that the presence of some substances in Ganoderma coffee helps the flow of oxygen in the body. As a result, the energy and strength of the body increases and the amount of stress decreases. All of these benefits occur while none of the side effects of normal coffee consumption occur in a person. The effect that this coffee creates by creating vitality and a sense of health in the body, solves mental problems and depression.
  • ✔️  The relaxing properties of Ganoderma coffee relieve stress and help treat sleep disorders.
  • ✔️  This coffee has cosmetic properties and is used to remove skin defects such as: acne, scars and lines, and it is also used to remove damage caused by sunlight. At the same time, it makes the skin look moist and fresh.
  • ✔️  Ganoderma coffee helps to strengthen memory, reduce tension and strengthen concentration and is used in the treatment of degenerative or destructive diseases such as: Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Ganoderma coffee side effects

There is not much information about the harm of this material. But there is a possibility of side effects such as: dry nose, throat and nausea with its use. If you are interested in trying ganoderma coffee, be sure to talk to your doctor about the side effects of ganoderma coffee, especially if you are taking blood pressure pills, blood thinners, antiplatelet medications, or are being treated for cancer.

Remember that consuming too much caffeine increases heart rate and disrupts sleep. In addition, it irritates the stomach and causes some mental disorders such as anxiety. There have been many reports of people contracting hepatitis after consuming Ganoderma products.

One of these products was Ganoderma mushroom and almond mushroom extract. Another product that caused hepatitis was Ganoderma or Lingzhi mushroom powder. This powder also causes a dangerous and deadly form of hepatitis.

There are other reports, according to which, great care should be taken when consuming this mushroom, because there is a possibility of poisoning with it. After all this, dietary and herbal supplements are not approved by the World Food and Drug Organization and their use is not recommended; Because the tests that are done on chemical drugs are not done on these substances. In some cases, in the products produced with this mushroom, substances are used that are not mentioned on their labels, which causes various side effects.


You may like the bitter taste of Ganoderma coffee, but you have to wait until clinical trials are done on them and make sure that they are useful and healthy. If you are very interested in trying the taste of this coffee, be sure to consult your doctor before consuming it.

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