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How To Store Coffee Beans (Tips And Tricks)

To get a good cup of coffee with great aroma and flavor, several factors have a great impact, which can be mentioned the origin of the coffee, the quality of the beans, the type of coffee, roasting coffee, warehouse or storing the coffee and brewing it.

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The importance of storing and storing coffee in the correct way

First of all, let’s talk about the importance of storing coffee in the correct and standard way.

After the coffee is roasted, it begins to lose its aroma, taste and release gasses. This is a natural process and the reason is the heat of the coffee beans and the change in the shape of the compounds inside these beans, which causes the gases and aroma and consequently, the taste of the coffee to be released over time and go into the air. (That’s why when you brew coffee with hot water, the flavor of the coffee is released quickly and comes into your cup)

Now, since we cannot stop this natural process, we must do something to minimize this loss of flavor. In other words, we should try to remove various factors that cause the faster loss of flavor from the coffee beans in order to be able to consume coffee for a longer period of time.

So, the importance of how to store coffee is to be able to keep coffee as fresh as possible and increase the duration of this freshness as much as possible. Because many of us especially at home, since we cannot prepare fresh coffee every day, we need this maintenance.

This is also important for the cafe, since the customer always demands good and delicious coffee. Especially since coffees are mostly bought in high volumes in cafes.

Now, this is several times more important for ground coffee. Because the ground coffee loses its aroma and flavor up to ten times and maybe more than the coffee beans and must be stored much better.

However, it is recommended to always buy coffee beans and have your own grinder. But for those who consume coffee at home, it is often difficult to have a grinder, so they buy ground coffee.

However, we must say that first of all, you should try to use the ground coffee as soon as possible and don’t let it last more than ten days. Because otherwise, coffee doesn’t really have its own aroma and taste, and you end up drinking a brown and bitter drink that doesn’t have much pleasure.

Now let’s go to the methods, tricks and tips for storing and maintaining coffee that can extend the life of your coffee.

A cool and impervious place for air

The biggest enemy of coffee beans and powder is air (oxygen), moisture, heat and light. Therefore, to preserve your freshly roasted seeds, you must store them in a dark container with a closed door (so that air does not enter it) and at room temperature. Coffee beans are very beautiful and have a beautiful effect, but if they are exposed to sunlight, they will definitely taste different.

So keep your seeds in a dark and cool place. A cabinet near the gas stove and the sun spot in the kitchen is a little warm.

It is not recommended to store coffee in regular retail packaging for a long time, and it is better to store it in covered containers where air and light do not penetrate.

How To Store Coffee Beans
How To Store Coffee Beans

Buy the right amount of coffee

As mentioned, coffee begins to release its gases and aromas from the time of roasting, and for this reason, the more time passes after its roasting, especially when it is powdered, it loses its properties and certainly has a different taste. The coffee will be freshly roasted. So in order to have better coffee with more properties, it is better to buy quantities of coffee that you can use in a short period of time and consume all the coffee within a maximum period of one month (less jetty).

If you have to store your coffee in a place where air penetrates, it is better to divide your coffee into several parts and only expose one of these parts to the air and use it, and keep the rest in a container with Keep the lid on.

Also, we remind you that the most important point in this regard is buying beans instead of powdered coffee. Due to the very high reaction of powdered coffee with oxygen in the air, coffee becomes stale quickly. So the best way is to buy coffee beans and grind them as soon as you need them.

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Store in the refrigerator

Freshness is one of the most important factors in preparing a good coffee with great aroma and taste. Coffee experts and professionals are of the opinion that coffee should be used as soon as possible after roasting, especially when the package has been opened.

Of course, there are contradictory information about storing coffee beans in the refrigerator. Since coffee absorbs moisture and most of the containers that exist for storing products in the refrigerator are not insulated against air and air can penetrate them (although in very small amounts), storing coffee in the refrigerator and such containers is not recommended. If you want to store it in the refrigerator, make sure that the container used is insulated against air.

Coffee storage container

The next thing that is very important in storing coffee is the container you choose for this. Because if your container is not in good conditions and is not suitable for storing coffee, it can even damage the coffee beans, let alone ground coffee!

But what features should a coffee storage container have?

  • The first point is that it should be closed well. so that there is no way for air to enter. Whether this container is a metal can or a glass container or even an envelope, there should not be any problem in the lid and closure. In addition, if it has a valve to release air, that is much better. (The coffee bags of many professional restaurants and coffee shops have an air release valve.)
  • Another feature of this container is that it is not transparent and in other words does not allow light to pass through it. Because, as we said, light and heat can intensify the chemical reactions inside the grain, and finally the aroma and flavor will disappear much sooner. Therefore, the container for storing and storing coffee should not be transparent and allow light to pass through itself.
  • The next point is to use a new container. Do not use a container in which you used to store something else such as tea or beans. Because even if the dish is washed, the aroma of the previous substance remains a little and has a bad effect on the coffee.

How to store coffee beans

In general, the maintenance of coffee beans is much easier than the maintenance of ground coffee, but because most people prepare a large amount of coffee beans, if they do not observe the necessary points in maintaining and maintaining it correctly, it will cause more damage. became .

The conditions for storing and storing coffee beans are the same as ground coffee, but with less sensitivity. Also, the advantages of using coffee beans are more than ground coffee, which can be mentioned: longer storage time, grinding to desired size and consumption with better aroma, less sensitivity to odor and fat absorption.

Perhaps the most important point in storing coffee beans is to store them in closed and dark containers such as plastic, ceramic or steel containers. Because if moisture, light and heat do not reach the coffee beans, the roasted coffee beans can be easily stored for a month.

It is interesting to know that coffee stores and coffee shops use coffee silos to store their coffee beans, which provides them with the same conditions in a higher capacity.

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