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Most Expensive Coffee In The World : Kopi Luwak Coffee

If you are a big fan of coffee and are always looking for the most exotic and specialty coffees in the world, you have probably heard of Kopi Luwak, sometimes called “Civet Coffee”.

Many people mistakenly consider Kopi Luwak to be a type of coffee, when it is only one production method, and the coffee beans in this production method can be different types such as Robusta or Arabica. Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans that have been almost digested and then excreted by the civet cat.

It may be a little unpleasant at first glance, but this coffee is unique in its kind and is considered the most expensive coffee in the world.

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What is Kopi Luwak coffee?

The civet cat lives in the forests of Indonesian islands such as Bali and Sumatra. Using its sense of smell, this animal finds and eats the best coffee cherries. He completely digests the flesh of the cherry and the fruit part of the coffee and expels the coffee beans.

This is exactly a process of washing the coffee beans before drying and roasting them, after which the farmers remove the outer layer of the coffee beans to clean them completely before roasting and selling.

Why is the price of Kopi Luwak coffee so expensive?

Today, Kopi Luwak is made in different ways and it can be said that the real Kopi Luwak is very rare. Also, the unusual and long production process of this coffee is the main reason for its high price.

Furthermore, the civet is a cat that will not choose just any brown coffee cherry to eat. He selects only the best coffee cherries to eat, resulting in the highest quality coffee obtained from feces.

In the process of digestion, the taste of coffee beans changes in combination with the animal’s digestive enzymes, which is a unique taste in itself. All these things make Kopi Luwak the most expensive coffee in the world.

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How is the process of brewing Kopi Luwak (Recipe)

Brewing a simple cup of coffee is easy, but making a delicious cup of coffee is an art. In general, the process of brewing Kopi Luwak coffee is no different from other coffees, and you can brew it in any way, from Turkish brewing to drip, French press, or espresso.

But what is very important in brewing Kopi Luwak is the temperature and duration of its brewing. The following recipes will help you to brew the most expensive coffee in the world with the highest quality.


It is true that coffee beans will eventually turn into a cup of coffee in contact with water at any temperature, but boiling water is the fastest method for this purpose. 20

Up to 208 degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 98 degrees Celsius, is generally recognized as the ideal temperature and standard for brewing Kopi Luwak.

Using the wrong water temperature can destroy the taste of your coffee. Higher temperature increases the acidity of the coffee and colder water does not extract the flavor from the coffee beans.

Period of time

The longer the ground coffee beans stay in the water, the more flavor they will have.

Naturally, the smaller the amount of grinding, the less flavor is extracted.

The average suitable time also varies according to the type of mill.

If you use a vacuum or French press with a finer grind and a longer extraction time, it will offer a different taste than coarse coffee with a shorter extraction time.

Kopi Luwak Coffee
Kopi Luwak Coffee

Final remarks

  • Never store coffee beans in the freezer, this way the coffee will lose all its flavor.
  • Keep Kapi Levak away from air or strong wind, moisture, heat and light. The best way is to put the coffee in a container with low air penetration and keep it in a dark and cool place.
  • Remember to grind the coffee as much as you need to always experience a fresh and pure taste.
  • Milk, cream and sugar will spoil the taste of your kopi luwak. Do not add anything to Kopi Luwak coffee, otherwise the most expensive coffee in the world will taste like ordinary coffee and you will not be able to taste the special taste of Kopi Luwak (if you manage to buy it one day, of course).
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