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Quit Coffee , Benefits of Quitting Caffeine Timeline

Although coffee has many health benefits, giving it up is a better decision for some people. It doesn’t matter if you are very tempted to drink coffee or not, in any case, you have to give it up in some situations.

Of course, it is better to reduce its consumption gradually and give yourself and your body time to cope with this issue, because the body becomes dependent on coffee and its sudden removal causes symptoms in the body. In this episode of Namanak health and wellness, we are going to explain to you what happens if you suddenly stop drinking coffee.

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You probably get a headache

If you have a severe headache and you have given up coffee, know that this is the reason. Of course, after some time this headache will disappear. The reason is that coffee narrows the blood vessels in the brain. When you suddenly decide to eliminate it from your diet, the blood vessels open up and as a result the blood flow moves faster in the brain. The body reacts to this sudden change in blood flow and a headache occurs.

You may feel anxious

As we said above, quitting coffee all at once causes more worry and anxiety in you, which may be strange for you. Although caffeine itself is a factor for feeling more angry, but the body becomes mentally and physically dependent on it, and stopping coffee at once will make you more stressed and more angry, and as a result, if you are used to drinking coffee every day Eat with sugar, then after suddenly abandoning it, stress is created in your body.

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Your skin will suffer

Anxiety makes you sweat more and your heart beat faster, which is not good for your skin at all. For this reason, the production of cortisol is stimulated in the body, which is a stress hormone, and it affects the skin pores and causes the production of fat and closes the skin pores, creates blackheads and makes your skin look oily.

Stress and anxiety are among the skin’s worst enemies and will cause premature aging of the skin.

Your teeth may become sensitive

One of the most common unpleasant symptoms of coffee withdrawal is nausea. Indigestion and nausea cause you to throw up and this may affect your teeth. Drinking coffee itself can cause stains on the teeth and make them yellow, but quitting it suddenly is not good for oral health, because nausea and vomiting cause dry mouth and increase the possibility of tooth decay, and as a result The tooth becomes sensitive.

Quit Coffee
Quit Coffee

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You may feel dizzy

If you have a habit of drinking coffee, then you are one of those people who in the morning with a normal headache or a slight dizziness, you quickly drink coffee and feel refreshed, but when you decide to give it up all of a sudden, the other body It does not have time to adapt itself to these changes, and as a result, it shows this shock with dizziness. So if you feel dizzy, be sure to sit still. These symptoms usually last up to 9 days so that the body can adapt to these changes.

It becomes difficult for you to concentrate

You probably used to use coffee when you wanted to increase your concentration before an exam or a working day, and caffeine caused the level of adrenaline in your body to increase, your blood pressure to rise, and your brain to be stimulated. When you decide to give up coffee, your concentration will probably suffer and the body will eventually not be able to concentrate without coffee.

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