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Robusta Coffee Benefits & Side Effects + #Features

Robusta coffee beans make up about 30% of the coffee consumed in the world.

Robusta trees need an altitude below 1000 meters to grow. Strong and powerful trunks are the characteristics that enable these trees to remain stable and undamaged in harsh and unfavorable conditions. A robust tree or shrub can grow to a height of 10 meters.

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Robusta bean characteristics

Robusta coffee beans have unique characteristics and can be different from other types of coffee in some cases; These features are as follows:

  • A bitter and low fragrance
  • The characteristic taste of robusta bean is bitterness.
  • For this species, the average body is 2%.
  • The amount of caffeine in Robusta bean is 1.7 to 4%, which is almost twice the percentage of
  • Caffeine compared to Arabica bean.
  • Lower price
  • Less fat and sugar
  • Thicker trunks are more resistant to pests

When we say that this variety has a low coffee aroma, it does not mean that it is extremely weak, it means that it has a weaker aroma compared to Arabica beans.

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Robusta bean appearance

Robusta coffee beans have special features in terms of appearance compared to other types of coffee.

  • The midline of the bean is almost flat.
  • These bean are slightly round and circular.
  • This bean is slightly smaller than the Arabica bean.

This species has a cheaper price than the Arabica species, but its cheapness is not due to its poor or bad quality. Robusta bean are cheaper because their trees are more resistant to pests and damage and generally have easier maintenance conditions than Arabica bean, which is why their price is lower than Arabica bean.

If you need a lot of energy, you need to stay awake, you want to do careful activities, you want high caffeine or… we recommend you a cup of robusta coffee.

Robusta bean have a thick foam that can be suitable for making espresso. But in general, Arabica and Robusta are also combined according to the needs of the drink and people’s taste.

Considering that the amount of caffeine extracted from your drink also depends on the brewing method, we discussed in detail about the amount of caffeine in coffees in the article which coffee has the most caffeine.

Robusta Coffee
Robusta Coffee

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Robusta bean producing countries

Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia and India can be mentioned among the Robusta bean producing countries. Don’t forget to fill your cup with coffee as you wish… drink your life!

Robusta coffee benefits

Robusta coffee is useful for improving the body’s metabolism due to its large amount of caffeine, and its fat-burning property causes slimming and weight loss.

The large amount of caffeine in Robusta coffee strengthens brain function and prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

The advantages of Robusta coffee include its easy cultivation, low fat content and high caffeine content (about 2.7% compared to 1.5% of Arabica coffee).

Robusta coffee side effects

Boring taste, high bitterness and low quality are also disadvantages of robusta coffee, that’s why it is less popular among people.

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