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Barhi Dates Benefits , What are Yellow Dates Barhi?

Barhi dates are highly regarded by many people, especially those from Khuzestan, as the most delicious variety of dates. They are originally from Iraq but are also widely cultivated and harvested in Khuzestan province of Iran.One of the reasons for the popularity of Barhi dates is their late ripening, which allows them to develop a unique flavor and texture. Additionally, Barhi dates have good resistance to humidity, making them a particularly robust and durable variety of dates.

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Barhi dates are among the most important and economically significant date varieties, particularly in the Khuzestan province and throughout Iran. Although primarily grown in Iraq, there are now extensive palm groves in Khuzestan. Barhi dates are harvested annually in cities such as Qasr Shirin, Somar, Bandar Lange, and Dehlran, as well as to a large extent in Barazjan.

Yellow with a tendency to brown, Barhi dates become more yellow during the unripe Kharak stage, then turn amber during the half-ripe Rutab stage, and ultimately become light brown when fully ripe. They are oval-shaped, with a soft texture, and are classified as a wet date variety. One of the advantages of Barhi dates is that they can be used effectively in all stages of development, from Kharak to Rutab to full ripeness.

Barhi dates have a thick skin and a meat-to-kernel ratio of approximately 77.7%. The kernel is almost attached to the flesh, yet easily separable, and the fruit cap does not cling too tightly to the fruit.

Barhi Dates
Barhi Dates

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When Barhi dates are fully ripe, they are easier to store and can last for a relatively longer period of time (at room temperature). These dates are harvested in August and early September, and are usually packed and sold in various cardboard boxes ranging from 1 to 10 kilograms. Some companies have recently started packaging them in standard plastic containers as well.

Kharak barhi date has good sugar and this product is widely used in food and beverage industry. Although its kharak is a bit rough, it can be consumed because it is sweet enough. Barhi dates have a sweet taste and are one of the best dates in the world and have an extremely delicious taste.

Each Barhi date typically weighs around 8 grams, but there are also meatier and bigger tissues that differentiate the first and second grades of this product, as well as determine the fruit’s overall health.

It is worth noting that Barhi dates in Iran have a much better and more desirable taste compared to those of the same variety found in other countries along the Persian Gulf.

Overall, Barhi dates are meaty, tender, and incredibly delicious.

Barhi dates benefits

Barhi dates are an excellent source of fiber to stimulate the digestive system and rich in potassium to balance body fluid levels. On the other hand, it is a good source of copper to maintain the nervous system, contains magnesium to regulate blood pressure and smaller amounts of vitamin B6, iron and vitamin C. In general, the advantages of using Barhi dates include the following:

  • Heart health
  • Nerve strengthening
  • Cholesterol free
  • Good source of fiber
  • No sodium
  • Contains iron
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Natural antioxidant polyphenols
  • 50% more potassium by weight than bananas
  • A healthy and delicious snack
  • Equal parts of fructose and glucose
  • Healthy and alternative to refined sugars

Barhi dates have a large following in Iran and other countries, including several European nations, and are considered one of Iran’s most prized export dates. These dates require specific weather conditions and thrive in hot and windy environments.

Barhi dates are also used to produce many natural edibles. In general, it is one of the strongest dates. Because it provides a lot of energy and the amount of minerals and iron in this type of date is very high. For example, Barhi dates are used to produce date halwa, Arde dates, date lavash, date sugar, industrial alcohol, various cakes and local sweets, cookies or drinks.

Dates have a hot and dry nature and are highly recommended for people who tend to have a cold body constitution. Eating between 3 and 5 Barhi dates daily can help regulate your body’s mood. For individuals experiencing chest congestion, boiling 50 grams of Barhi dates in 1000 grams of water and consuming two to three cups of the decoction daily can help alleviate symptoms.

This syrup is especially beneficial for individuals with kidney problems and can also be helpful for those experiencing back or joint pain. Barhi dates combined with fenugreek are known to be effective in treating bladder stones, and soaking or boiling Barhi dates with cinnamon in fresh milk and consuming the mixture daily can help individuals with sexual issues.

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