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Kimia Dates Benefits , What are Kimia Date Organic

Kimia dates are considered the most important and major export date of Iran. They have a black, thin, shiny, and smooth skin that can be easily removed. Kimia dates are classified as very sweet and moist dates.

Initially, the color of Kimia dates is red and gradually turns black over time. While this date variety is also available in brown and dark brown colors, black is the most popular color in the market.

Kimia dates are a rich source of potassium and are among the most nutritious dates in terms of nutritional value. Due to the high potassium content, they can be useful in the treatment of diarrhea. In addition to potassium, Kimia dates are high in iron and natural sugars, which can be beneficial for the body.

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Kimia dates in different countries

Kimia dates are known by different names in various countries and cultures. In some countries, particularly in India, this date variety is also referred to as Kimia dates. These dates are usually sold in 600 gram packages and are known as Kimia dates. However, Kimia dates can also be found in plastic packaging and 400 gram packaging.

India is the largest importer of Kimia dates, with order volumes equal to or greater than the combined orders from all of Europe. Other major importers of Kimia dates include Turkey, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan, which account for two-thirds of the exports of this delicious product to these countries. Despite the different names by which it is known, Kimia dates are appreciated for their unique taste and nutritional value by people around the world.

Kimia dates
Kimia dates

Where is the kimia date grown?

Kimia dates are primarily cultivated in Bam city and its surrounding villages, Jiroft, Narmashir, and Barwat in Iran. However, other regions of Iran have also begun to cultivate this strategic product.

The harvesting of Kimia dates is still done in a traditional way, with individuals climbing the trees and using baskets made of palm leaves for collection. Once harvested, the dates are transferred to cold storage facilities using plastic boxes with ventilation holes. The duration of storage in the warehouse depends on the time of harvest and the type of harvest. Harvesting time is an important consideration when it comes to the quality and freshness of the dates.

Kimia date harvest time

The harvest of Kimia dates depends on weather conditions, but it typically occurs in late summer. Regions with hotter climates tend to have earlier ripening dates, while regions with milder climates tend to have slower-ripening dates. As a result, dates from temperate regions tend to have thinner and blacker skin.

After harvesting, Kimia dates are transferred to cold storage facilities. To maintain their quality, Kimia dates should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. The optimal moisture content for Kimia dates can vary between 14% and 36%, depending on the time of harvest and the cultivated area.

Proper storage is essential to ensure that the nutritional value of dates is not lost before they reach the consumer. Organic cultivation is one way to preserve the nutritional value of dates and maintain their quality.

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Organic kimia dates

While some dates may look and taste good, further testing may reveal the presence of toxins resulting from the use of chemical fertilizers.

In Iran, dates are predominantly grown using organic methods. According to some farmers, organic farming is more cost-effective than using chemical methods, and they typically use vegetable and animal fertilizers.

The organic method results in fresher, healthier, and more delicious dates with higher nutritional value and fewer allergenic properties compared to non-organic dates.

To ensure that dates reach consumers in a healthy and safe condition, proper packaging is also essential in addition to organic farming practices.

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