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Piarom Dates Benefits , What are Piarom Maryami Date?

Piarom dates are widely considered to be the best and most delicious semi-dry dates in the world. Humans have been using this particular fruit as a tonic and energizing substance for centuries, dating back to ancient times. The palm tree, which produces these dates, is one of the oldest trees cultivated by humans.

Today, nutrition experts have recognized the exceptional nutritional value of this amazing fruit and encourage its consumption as part of a healthy daily diet. There are approximately 3000 known varieties of dates in the world, and Piarom dates are among the most famous.

Piarom dates are classified as sweet and dry dates. The best quality Piarom dates are black in color, although they are rare. Other types of Piarom dates are dark brown in color. Some regions of the world also refer to these dates as Maryami Dates.

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Piarom dates: the best dates in the world

Piarom dates are cultivated and produced in limited areas of Iran and are among the most expensive dates in the world. The high price of Piarom dates is due to their unique and abundant properties as well as export limitations. It’s worth noting that the quality of Piarom dates can vary, which also affects their price.

One of the distinguishing features of Piarom dates is their thin, brown skin that is firmly attached to the fleshy part, which has contributed to their popularity.

Piarom dates are rich in fructose sugar, which is easily digested and absorbed by the body. Additionally, the protein and other minerals present in Piarom dates increase their overall nutritional value.

Piarom Dates
Piarom Dates

How to propagate piarom dates

Piarom palm trees are known for their high tolerance to salinity, which is an important characteristic of this plant. Piarom palm trees are propagated through grafting, and it can take up to ten years for the tree to bear fruit.

In Hajiabad, which is renowned for its cultivation and propagation of Piarom palm trees, the leaf attached to the trunk of the mother tree is called a fossil. To propagate new trees, cuttings are carefully separated from the mother plant using a special tool called a dilam to avoid damaging either the mother plant or the cuttings. The cuttings are then planted in a previously prepared hole and watered carefully.

Piarom date harvest

The harvest of Piarom dates depends on the temperature of the planting site. In cooler areas, dates fruit typically require more time to mature and are harvested later.

The green seeds of Piarom dates, also known as Chagaleh, begin to turn yellow in early August and develop a slightly sweet taste. Towards the end of August and the beginning of September (depending on the temperature each year), the dates become moist, and from the end of September, the moisture gradually starts to reduce, and the dates begin to dry.

Harvesting of Piarom dates continues until the beginning of November, depending on the weather conditions of the region.

Piarom date palm cities

The center of maintenance and cultivation of this type of palm tree is Haji Abad city, Hormozgan province. The villages of Sarchahan, Tezraj, Shahdadi, Nizar, Ganj, Dehistan Bala and Bain, Baraftab, Gahkam, etc. are among the areas that produce the most dates in the country.

Piarom dates benefits

The dark brown skin of Piarom dates is thin and tightly attached to the flesh, which gives them a beautiful and desirable appearance. Piarom dates are rich in fructose sugar, which is easily metabolized by the body. Their delicious taste, appearance, and nutritional properties make them popular among consumers who often become regular consumers.

Piarom dates are rich in sugar, protein, and other minerals, providing high nutritional value. Due to their high tolerance to salinity, they are cultivated in a large area of gardens in Hajiabad city.

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