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Tea With Dates , Date Tea Benefits & Side Effects

Eating tea with dates raises blood sugar and eventually diabetes. Unfortunately, some people believe that eating berries or dates instead of sugar can prevent high blood sugar.

Disadvantages of eating tea with dates and berries

Tea and Dates: Tea and coffee are popular drinks in all countries that many people like them with a sweet taste. We Iranians are often used to drinking tea with sweets. But as we know, sugar is not helpful and causes Alzheimer’s, tooth decay, diabetes and other diseases. Some people substitute date fruit and berries for sugar.

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The calories of these substances are like sugar, meaning that for every gram of them consumed, 4 kcal of energy reaches the body, so consuming too much of them, such as sugar, has side effects on the body.

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Each sugar cube weighs about 3 grams. If we assume that each gram of sugar provides 4 kcal of energy, the energy received by the body by eating 3 sugar cubes is equal to 12 kcal. While some people prefer to drink their tea with dates, raspberries, figs, etc., their caloric intake equals 50 to 60 kcal.

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Some experts believe that dates and berries should not be consumed with tea, because the sugar of these substances is absorbed by the body when in contact with boiling water or hot tea, but the body does not absorb their energy and their benefits are lost.

Of course, this theory requires a lot of expertise and has not been scientifically proven because the sugar of dates, berries and figs is more than fructose, which is a natural sugar and is not dangerous if absorbed by the body. Of course, moderation should be observed in the consumption of these foods because their high calories cause weight gain and obesity.

Tea With Dates
Tea With Dates
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On the other hand, if the body absorbs the sugar in dates in contact with boiling water and tea, the question should be asked how the major part of calories, which is a sugar substance and is the basis of energy without it, is absorbed by the body but not absorbed?

This hypothesis can be easily refuted. Boiling and refining fruits are used to prepare dates syrup (read about dates syrup benefits), fig syrup, berry syrup, and grape syrup, which contain all the vitamins and minerals of the fruits themselves. Boiling causes the release of date nutrients and other substances into the water, which becomes a tonic syrup by concentrating this.

However, experts believe that the best type of syrup is to be prepared at a 60 to 70 degrees temperature and does not reach the boiling point because its nutrients are lost. For this reason, they recommend industrial dates syrup, which is prepared at a temperature of 65 degrees.

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Another question is, do people who drink their tea with dates like their tea cold, or do they prefer boiling tea?

Naturally, adults drink tea in the hottest state at a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees, which can not destroy the critical benefits of dates. Of course, this issue needs more research and study.

The best option, instead of sugar, is dates, berries, etc. is to use dried fruits that provide the necessary energy for the body and do not harm the health of the body.

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People Also Ask

Can we eat dates and tea?

Add 1-2 dates to your favorite beverage for some extra sweetness. Simply drop a date into your tea like you would a cube of sugar or steep using a tea bag or clamp. Try a “date” with: Ginger Tea. (source:

Can we drink green tea with dates?

According to Dr Chopra, if you eat 4-6 dates daily, then it will help with weight loss. You can have them along with a cup of black coffee in the morning, and then again in the evening with a cup of milk tea or green tea. They will keep you full and help you control your urge for junk food. (source:

Can I use dates to sweeten my tea?

This iced tea is sweetened with a simple date syrup instead of white sugar. This recipe is ideal if you’re trying to reduce your consumption of refined sugar but still want to enjoy a sweet beverage once in a while. To make the syrup, add the dates and 4 cups of cold water to a pot on the stove. (source:



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