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Zahidi Dates Benefits , What are Zahedi Dates (Qasb Dates)

Zahidi Dates, also known as Qasb dates, is one of the most popular date varieties in the market. Its characteristics and type place it in the category of dry dates, and it is sometimes referred to as Zahidi dry dates. Zahidi dates are cultivated in several of Iran’s date-growing provinces, including Bushehr, South Fars, Khuzestan, and Sistan and Baluchistan.

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Zahidi dates (or Qasb dates)

As mentioned above, qasb dates are planted and harvested in different provinces of Iran. But the best Zahidi dates in Iran are:

  • Zahidi dates of Peshtkoh
  • Zahidi dates of Dashtestan
  • Zahidi date of Jahrom
  • Zahidi dates of Farashband
  • Zahidi dates of Qirokarzin
  • Zahidi dates of Khesht
  • Zahidi dates of Ahvaz

Zahedi date planting and harvesting time

Zahidi date palms, like other palm varieties, are typically planted in August, while the time of pollination, locally referred to as the time of flowering, occurs in April. From Shahrivar to the end of Mehr month, the harvest of rutb and dates begins.

Zahidi Dates
Zahidi Dates

When unripe, the fruit of the Zahidi palm is yellow in color. As it ripens, the fruit changes color to yellow-brown or light brown due to the warmth of the weather. Once the fruit reaches its semi-ripe state, it enters the final stage known as “dates.” Depending on the region, the color of the Zahidi date can vary from reddish-brown to pale yellow.

Zahidi dates, like Piarom dates, are considered late varieties. They have an oval shape, with a length of 2 to 3.5 cm and a diameter of 2 cm. Zahidi dates are known for their bright golden color, shiny and beautiful skin, mild sweetness, and delicious taste, making them a popular choice among those who enjoy dry dates.

Zahidi date is one of the most popular date varieties in the market due to its quality, reasonable price, and simple storage and maintenance conditions.

Zahidi dates benefits

In a 100-gram serving of Zahidi dates, there are approximately 14 grams of vitamin C, 30 grams of sugar, 125 calories, and 1.2 grams of protein. Additionally, Zahidi dates contain vitamins B1, B2, iron, calcium, manganese, and potassium minerals. The fiber in Zahidi dates can help strengthen the digestive system.

Dates are considered a “warm” fruit and are particularly suitable for individuals with a “cold” constitution. They are rich in antioxidants and have been found to possess anti-cancer properties. By incorporating Zahidi dates into your diet, you can enjoy their many nutritional benefits and support your overall health.

Buy zahidi dates || Sell zahidi dates

As the harvest season for Zahidi dates approaches in mid-September, buying and selling activities begin. Many domestic and foreign companies pre-purchase Zahidi dates at a premium price by signing contracts and sending baskets or cartons to the southern regions of the country to collect the product.

Other buyers prefer to wait until the farmers have collected the load from the groves. In this case, the buyers usually pay a higher price than those who pre-purchase the dates.

Once the product is collected from the groves and transferred to cold storage and warehouses of the buyers, it is sorted, polished, and packaged under different brands and in different types of packaging. Other packaging companies, especially distribution companies, then purchase the product and offer it in stores to reach consumers.

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