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Benefits Of Hibiscus Tea , #10 Benefits + In pregnancy

Hibiscus tea, also known as Agua de Jamaica, is beneficial for treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive and immune system problems, as well as inflammatory problems. This tea helps treat liver diseases and reduces the risk of cancer. It can also increase the body’s metabolism and help in healthy and gradual weight loss. This tea is rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants and helps in treating high blood pressure and anxiety.

Hibiscus tea is made by boiling the hibiscus plant, scientifically known as “Hibiscus Sabdariffa”, specifically the flower of this plant. It is a very popular drink around the world and is often used as a medicinal tea. Hysbius flowers have different names and in some places they are known as Roselle.

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Benefits of hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea has a red color and its taste is sour. The taste of this tea is similar to Qaraqat. This product is widely known in the global market all over the world and can be hot or cold depending on your preference. This tea is low in calories and caffeine free.

Controls blood pressure

Report (AHA American Heart Association):

published in November 2008, states that drinking this tea lowers blood pressure in adults with severe hypertension. It also states that 1/3 of adults in the U.S. suffer from high blood pressure.A study conducted by Odigie IP shows that this tea has antihypertensive and protective properties that can help people with high blood pressure. It is useful for people who are at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol reduction

This tea helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body, thereby helping to protect against heart disease and blood vessel damage. The hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties of hibiscus tea can be beneficial for patients suffering from diabetic blood sugar disorders. A research study on patients with type II diabetes found that hibiscus extract lowered cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, helping to control this unpredictable disease.

Liver protection

The antioxidant properties of hibiscus tea are also useful in the treatment of liver diseases. Antioxidants in the body protect you from diseases because they neutralize free radicals in the tissues and cells of the body. Therefore, we confidently say that drinking hibiscus tea can increase your lifespan while maintaining good overall health.

Anti-cancer properties

Hibiscus tea contains probiotic acid, which has anti-tumor and antioxidant properties. A study conducted by the Department and Institute of Biochemistry of the Chung Shan School of Medicine and Dentistry in Taichung, Taiwan shows that hibiscus reduces the growth of cancer cells by inducing apoptosis, which is usually programmed cell death.

Herbal tea

It is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.
This tea is rich in ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C. It is an essential nutrient for your body to strengthen and stimulate the activity of the immune system. Hibiscus tea also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it protects you from colds and flu. It is also used to treat discomfort caused by fever due to its cooling effect.

Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus Tea

Reduces menstrual pain

The health benefits of hibiscus tea include: relieves cramps and menstrual pain. It helps to maintain hormonal balance as well, which can reduce menstrual symptoms such as mood swings and depression.

Acts as an antidepressant

Hibiscus tea contains vitamins and minerals such as flavonoids that have antidepressant properties. Drinking tea can help with nervous problems and reduce anxiety and depression.

Improve digestion

Many people drink hibiscus tea to improve digestion, as it improves urination and bowel movements. Since it has diuretic properties, it is used to treat constipation, which helps you gain weight.

Thirst quencher

Hibiscus tea is also used as a sports drink to quench thirst. For this purpose, the roasted form of hibiscus tea is usually consumed. Many people have this in their diet because this type of tea has the ability to cool the body.

Weight Loss

Hibiscus tea is useful in weight loss. Hibiscus extract reduces the absorption of starch and glucose and may help with weight loss. Hibiscus inhibits the production of amylase, which helps in the absorption of carbohydrates and starch, so drinking hibiscus tea prevents its absorption.

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Drinking hot and cold Hibiscus tea

You can drink this tea as a hot or iced tea. If you want to keep your winter warm, brew it and drink it immediately.

Hibiscus tea in pregnancy

Hibiscus tea is not recommended for pregnant women, especially because of its lingering effects that may stimulate menstruation or blood flow in the uterus or pelvic area. For people who undergo hormonal treatments or take birth control pills, it is recommended to consult your health professional about the consumption of this tea.

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