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Cistus Tea Benefits For Health & Heart + Recipe

Cistus tea is prepared from the Cistus incanus Cistaceae plant, which is also called the stone rose. Among the medicinal plants that are used as a drink today, cistus can be considered one of the oldest plants, which can be a little carefully based on this old background and the longevity of this tea in history regarding the goodness of this drink. was assured.

The cistus plant, which grows mostly in the Mediterranean region, is a resistant plant that is very resistant to drought. After growing, this plant opens its pink and purple flowers almost from the end of spring and lasts for several months. They remain for months, but please note that the cistus plant itself is considered an evergreen plant that is green all year round.

To prepare cistus tea, the combination of dried leaves and flowers of this plant is used, which has a scent and fragrance. It is wonderful, in the past, it was very common to attribute fragrant plants to heaven and to use them in the holy books, and Cistos was no exception.

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Cistus tea benefits

In the past and ancient times, the first and most important things that lead people to drink this tea were problems such as colds, coughs, women’s menstrual pains, rheumatism, all kinds of wounds, etc. In general, it is used in the traditional medicine of the past. This plant was originally used to relieve inflammation and reduce pain, from inflammation of the throat and skin to various pains that come to humans.

The use of this tea continued until almost 25 years ago in Europe by conducting experiments. Various people discovered new properties of this plant.

Antioxidant is the most important ingredient of cistus tea

If you like to drink coffee and tea, you have probably heard the name of antioxidant a lot, but is the presence of antioxidants in cistus tea really so important? To answer this question, it must be said that it is definitely so. Free radicals are molecules that are very likely to form in the human body. If the number of these molecules exceeds a certain limit, it can cause more than 50 diseases in our body, the most important of which are types of cancer and diseases.

It is heart. To prevent the increase of these radicals in the body, the best option is to use foods with antioxidants, one of these foods is Cistus tea. Cistus plant contains large amounts of bioflavonoids (vitamin P) and polyphenols. ” has it. Polyphenols are plant compounds that act as antioxidants.

Antibacterial and antiviral properties of Cistus tea

One of the advantages and properties of cistus tea is the direct effect of this tea on our body cells, this issue can be seen in the least amount of tea. According to a research conducted in 2010, the extract of this plant can prevent the host cells from being infected with all kinds of diseases. prevent various viruses and thereby create a high immunity to our body in dealing with bacterial and viral diseases.

There is also this effect in the case of fungi, but for more limited cases, so if you are one of those people who have a weak immune system in dealing with With these diseases, this tea can be a very suitable option for you, of course, do not forget to consult your doctor.

The impressive effect of cistus tea for skin and hair health

Perhaps the issue that is very important and welcomed by the people today and in the world of Kenoki is the skin and its health, which the cistus plant has shown to be very effective in treating eczema, acne and psoriasis and cleansing the skin. In addition to these topics, you can increase the health of your scalp by drinking cistus tea and prevent problems such as dandruff and hair loss.

Cistus Tea
Cistus Tea

Cistus tea: helping to treat Lyme disease!

Maybe many of us are not familiar with the name of this patient, but to understand this disease, it should be said that this disease is caused by a tick bite, and Cistus tea is one of the best options for treating this disease due to its compounds that contain “menoyloxide”. As we mentioned in the virus section, in general, this tea has a special anti-bacterial and anti-viral property, which makes its use for the treatment and prevention of many bacterial and viral diseases a very ideal option.

In addition to these issues, some sources believe that even if you want to prevent mosquitoes and ticks from attacking you, you can get rid of this problem by drinking at least two cups of cistus tea daily.

Heart health with cistus tea

When we hear the name of the heart and its health, the first thing that unconsciously comes to our mind is reducing the amount of fat consumption. In a research conducted by the Journal of Cardiology in 2019, it was pointed out that Cistus tea is a risk factor. It significantly reduces cardiovascular diseases such as “dyslipidemia”, which is a type of unhealthy fat.

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How to use cistus tea at home

In the previous part, when we talked about the characteristics of the cistus plant, we mentioned that this plant has a high resistance to drought, when you are faced with such a plant, of course, how to brew it and extract the extract from it is a little difficult. There are two common methods for brewing cistus tea in order to achieve the desired result:

In the first method, it is recommended to brew 3 times in a row for this tea, which makes it a little difficult for you, but in the second method, which is a little easier, you can use one time brewing, which we We will teach you in detail.

Ingredients for brewing cistus tea

  • Purified water (company drinking water): one liter
  • Cistus leaves: 3 tablespoons
  • Seasoning: natural sweetener such as honey or using black tea

Cistus tea recipe

To brew cistus tea in this method, you somehow cook this plant until all its extract is removed. Choose a medium pot and pour water into it and raise the temperature to about 80 degrees Celsius by placing it on the heat, then add your tea leaves and lower the gas flame to the lowest possible level. Bring it and put the lid on your container and let the cistus plant cook for five minutes.

Make sure that at this stage, the temperature of the water should not rise above 90 degrees.

After 5 minutes, turn off the flame and allow your tea to remain in the hot water for 7 minutes until the extraction stage is complete, then strain your cistus tea and extract the scum. Your tea and tea is ready to drink and you can add a little honey to get a better taste and enjoy your chati.

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