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8 Ginger Tea Benefits + Recipe & Brewing Method

Ginger is originally a plant from China and India and it has been used in cooking in these countries for more than 4000 years. Because people have been very interested in its spicy taste and aromatic smell, and it has a kind of heat effect and is used for treatment. Stomach ache has been effective, explorers and travelers have planted it all over the tropics.

The root of this plant is effective in treating dizziness, sweating, nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness or seasickness. This plant is also effective for sore throat, headaches, torn It treats all kinds of menstrual pain, arthritis, fever and pain caused by all kinds of colds and flu.

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Ginger tea

You can also buy fresh ginger root, and by boiling its pieces the size of the palm of your hand, or with half a teaspoon of grated, washed and peeled ginger in hot water, or by pouring half a liter of boiling water on 30 grams of the rooted stem. Make and consume ginger tea.

To do this, let the desired tea brew for 15 minutes and then drink two glasses of it daily. Another suitable source of ginger is crystallized ginger.

Benefits of ginger tea

How to consume ginger products depends on your personal taste and what bothers you. In general, you should not consume more than two to four grams of ginger per day, because in addition to the amount of ginger you consume, some of this may be Also absorb the substance through the food program (gingerbread, gingerbread or mixed and fried foods).

Ginger tea for diseases caused by cold, fever caused by influenza, sore throat, cramps caused by menstruation or headache, smoke two tablespoons of ginger brew or several leaves of its fresh rooted stem.

To treat the pain of arthritis, consume 4 grams of fresh ginger water, extract or tea daily, or apply its oil on the painful joint, or put its fresh root in a hot poultice or gauze and place it on the painful points.

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Ginger to reduce bloating

If you are always bloated, we recommend adding a little ginger to your tea or chewing a small piece of fresh, peeled ginger. You can also add one to two thin slices of fresh ginger to food containing these ingredients to prevent bloating from eating legumes. You will see that your bloating will decrease significantly.

Ginger for pain relief

The results of numerous studies show that people who take ginger at the onset of the first symptoms of a migraine or headache feel less pain. Because the compounds in ginger block the secretion of inflammatory hormones.

The results of other studies also show that ginger can help improve and relieve arthritis. According to researchers, people who suffer from arthritis or polyrheumatoid arthritis and eat ginger powder daily feel less pain and swelling in their joints. We recommend adding some ginger powder to your milk or tea. You can also use fresh ginger to prepare your food.

Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea

Ginger to prevent the risk of cancer

If in the past people died from famine, cholera or plague, etc., today cancer has become a scourge of human life. It seems that there is no choice but to try to prevent this deadly disease. The results of numerous studies show that ginger contains compounds that have anti-cancer properties. Researchers have observed that ginger fights ovarian cancer cells. The results of other studies also show that the consumption of fresh ginger reduces inflammation of the colon (intestine).

Ginger during pregnancy

There is no consensus among researchers regarding the use of ginger during pregnancy. The results of different researches have also shown different results. Some studies show that there is a relationship between ginger consumption and miscarriage.

The results of other studies indicate that the use of this spice causes problems and complications in this period. While many other studies show that ginger consumption during pregnancy not only does not cause problems, but also relieves nausea. For this reason, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking the supplement or ginger itself. Because many women use this spice to deal with morning sickness.

Ginger causes oral inflammation

In traditional medicine, there is a belief that ginger is warm and warms the body; It means that it causes the body to produce more heat. It is possible that this issue also causes inflammation in the mouth and mucous membrane and causes burning or itching. If you feel inflammation and burning sensation in your mouth after consuming ginger, avoid using it.

Ginger relieves nausea

If you experience nausea due to a virus entering your body, or nausea caused by car sickness, etc., ginger can help you. Ginger powder, ginger drink, tablet or its jam soothes the stomach and prevents it from being upset. Research results show that ginger is as effective as the drug scopolamine or hyoscine. This drug is prescribed without a prescription and is used to prevent motion sickness, heartache, etc.

Ginger can lower blood sugar

The results of a new research show that ginger powder lowers blood sugar in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. If you also suffer from this disease and are worried about your blood sugar level, consult your doctor about ginger consumption. If your doctor determines that the use of this spice does not interfere with your medications, you can use it to control your blood sugar as much as possible. Note that in some cases, the consumption of ginger can have a dangerous effect on the amount of insulin in your body.

Ginger is equivalent to anticoagulants

The results of an Australian study show that ginger is a strong anti-coagulant that is somewhat stronger than aspirin. As a result, its use is not recommended for patients who take blood thinners. Because it increases the risk of bleeding or bruising in them. If you have a bleeding problem or use blood thinners, it is better to avoid using ginger.

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How to make ginger tea

Pour the water into a container and put it on the heat until it boils, after the water starts to boil, put the ginger slices in the water, reduce the heat and put it in the container.

Ingredients for making ginger tea

  • 4 cups of water
  • Fresh ginger root 5 cm
  • If you want, you can use honey and lemon.

For 15-20 minutes, let the ginger leaves stay in boiling water with low heat, then strain the tea and pour it into a cup and drink it with sugar or alone.

Ginger tea reduces anxiety and stress, helps digestion and solves digestive problems, ginger tea has the property of cleansing the body of toxins.

Tips for using ginger tea

  • Ginger tea is a hot (nature) drink
  • The preparation time of raw materials and its necessities is about 20 minutes
  • You can serve ginger tea for breakfast-dessert-meal.
  • Note that the amount of ingredients and the recipe is suitable for 4 people
  • How to prepare ginger tea for weight loss.
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