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Ginseng Tea Benefits + #4 Side Effects

The effective composition of this substance in this tea is called ginsenosides. While ginseng tea contains some ginsenoside, its amount depends on how it is processed and that the best part of the root is used.

You should look for tea that has 3-7% ginseng. Some teas contain a lower percentage of this substance or do not have this substance at all.

There are several processing methods to prepare this tea, which ultimately leads to the production of red or white ginseng tea.

To make red ginseng, it is called panax ginseng, and it is called Korean and Chinese ginseng.

The root must be unpeeled and steamed before drying. Air-dried white Jason Singh may have less therapeutic benefits.

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Benefits of ginseng tea

Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes and those who take thinner drugs such as warfarin or even aspirin should use this tea with caution or skip it.

Just remember that if you eat it at the end of the night, don’t do anything because of the insomnia you get and the energy you get!

  1. ✔️ Relieving menstrual pains: both the white and red types of this tea have a wide calming effect.
  2. ✔️ Stomach Soothing: Ginseng tea helps to reduce abdominal pain and flatulence caused by menstruation.
  3. ✔️ Strengthening alertness and awareness: This drink is energizing and enhances alertness, increases accuracy and intelligence. Reports from the University of Maryland Medical Center show that people who have consumed ginseng have improved their memory. They have better concentration and their ability to think abstractly has improved.
  4. ✔️ Improving digestion: It helps digestion, relieves bloating, constipation and flatulence, and reduces the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.
  5. ✔️ Cholesterol reduction: Ginseng contains saponins that stimulate the movement of cholesterol and enzymes that are related to cholesterol metabolism. According to the report of the National Institute of Health, Saponins can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol.
  6. ✔️ Strengthening the body’s immune system: by strengthening the immune cells, it increases the body’s immune system, and also has a positive effect on injuries and stress modifiers. In a study conducted on bronchitis patients who had congestive lung disease, Ginseng increased the function of some immune components in the bronchi.
  7. ✔️ Cleaning the respiratory system: it opens and cleans blocked airways and sinuses. It helps asthma patients to get rid of cough and cold, chest disease and pneumonia.
  8. ✔️ It can be effective in preventing cancer: ginsenosides present in tea prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Studies have shown that it causes tumor shrinkage and prevents the growth of stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer. In addition, it can reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. If you want to use alternative medicine, consult a naturopathic doctor in this case.
  9. ✔️ Helping to treat chronic pains: Ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties. Herbalists use this tea to treat conditions such as arthritis and other chronic pains.
  10. ✔️ Increases male libido Increases Male Libido: One of the drugs widely known as an aphrodisiac is ginseng, which contains nitric oxide (the same substance that has properties similar to Viagra) and enhances erection in men. Nitric oxide helps to improve erection performance and create better sexual satisfaction. Of course, this happens 8 weeks after use. Nitric oxide improves blood flow in the arteries and creates relaxation.
  11. ✔️ Stabilizer of blood sugar: the effective compound found in Jacin Singh, namely Ginsenosides, can help control blood sugar. Other studies have been conducted and it has been found that the function of the pancreas increases significantly and the response to insulin increases due to the stimulation of insulin receptors.
  12. ✔️ Alternative treatment for radiation: several studies that have been conducted on ginseng show that this substance can reduce the damage caused by radiation to DNA, so it is widely used for those who are undergoing radiation therapy.
  13. ✔️ Slowing down the aging process of cells: Based on the preliminary studies that have been done, Ginseng slows down the aging process of cells. This is done through better blood supply to the cells and slows down the aging of the cells and dementia, although more research needs to be done on this matter.
Ginseng Tea
Ginseng Tea

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Side Effects of ginseng tea

  1. ✔️ Insomnia: Ginseng gives energy to the body and causes alertness and accuracy d. This issue may lead to insomnia, so it is recommended not to consume ginseng tea before going to bed.
  2. ✔️ Blood sugar reduction: Using ginseng tea can reduce blood sugar levels, especially in diabetics, if they take it with blood sugar lowering drugs, there is a possibility of hypoglycemia, so it is better to talk to your doctor about hypoglycemic drugs if you have diabetes. do.
  3. ✔️ Bleeding: Since ginseng improves blood flow, it can reduce blood clotting. Therefore, the use of Ginseng tea is not recommended for those who are going to have surgery or are taking blood thinners.
  4. ✔️ Drug interaction: There is a drug interaction between ginseng and some prescribed drugs. If you are taking drugs for diabetes and cholesterol, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, morphine, blood pressure control drugs, and stimulants such as caffeine and blood thinners…even aspirin, consult with a naturopathic doctor about taking Ginseng because of the possibility of drug interactions.

Ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for a long time and because of its good properties, it strengthens the immune system.

It increases energy, increases awareness, reduces cholesterol, increases libido in men, and eases menstrual pain.

But if you want to drink ginseng tea, it is better to drink its red type and not its white type. To know more therapeutic benefits of red ginseng tea. For more effect, use tea with 3-7% ginsenosides.

You can drink a cup of ginseng tea daily. But if you see any side effects, reduce the dosage or stop using ginseng.

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