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Licorice Tea Benefits and Side Effects + #Recipe

Licorice (scientific name: Glycyrrhiza glabra), is a carob plant from the Asasa family, native to Southern Europe, North Africa and temperate regions of Asia. Its underground roots and stems have medicinal uses. The roots and rhizomes of this plant have brown or black skin and yellow core.

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Licorice tea benefits

  • Treatment of respiratory disorders, chest, throat
  • Expectorant, bloody expectoration
  • Help with stomach and intestinal ulcers
  • Soothing
  • Increased sweating
  • Feverish
  • Stimulator of estrogen production
  • wound healer
  • Pain killer
  • Lower blood pressure
  • It prevents the occurrence of arteriosclerosis lesions.
  • Anti Virus
  • Treatment and fight against liver cancer
  • Antitumor
  • anti fever
  • anti allergy
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti cough
  • Anti stomach ulcer
  • Liver detoxifier
  • Shir Afza and Mushal
  • Anti-depressant
  • Softener
  • Stomach antacid
  • Anti poison
  • Antioxidant
  • Increase the immune system
  • Treatment of indigestion
  • Anti-swelling and joint inflammation
  • Anti-edema
  • Acne treatment
  • Treatment of painful muscle spasms
  • Treatment of anemia
  • Helping to treat and fight lupus, pemphigus, psoriasis
  • Treatment of painful ulcers of the oral mucosa of the labia
  • Treatment of liver disorders, cirrhosis, hepatitis
  • Help reduce bile
  • AIDS (HIV) treatment
  • Treatment of blockage of heart vessels, heart diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Treatment of hyperthyroidism
  • Treatment of lymph node disease
  • Treatment of adrenal insufficiency
  • Treatment of depression and reduction of nervous pressure,
  • Reduction of nervous headaches, migraines
  • Epilepsy treatment
  • Treatment of heartburn
  • Treatment of urinary tract infection and urinary tract inflammation
  • Treatment of hot flashes during menopause
  • Treatment of premenstrual syndrome
  • Treatment of multiple ovarian cysts
  • Treatment of brain inflammation, Alzheimer’s
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids
  • stimulating the production of white blood cells
  • Strengthening the body against stress
  • Stops the growth of bacteria and kills fungi
  • Antiplatelet aggregation
  • Stimulation of suicide of redundant cells
  • Anti-production of blood vessels in the tumor site
  • Against leukemia, breast, throat, stomach, colon, glands, liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, uterus, vagina, melanoma
  • It has estrogenic effects. That is, it grows the breast and female reproductive system.
  • Treatment of prostate enlargement
  • Treatment of Addison’s disease
  • Strengthening nerves and sexual power

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Licorice tea side effects

Licorice is generally considered as a healthy and safe plant, but when its consumption is high or for a long time, the following symptoms may occur: lethargy and lethargy, muscle pain, numbness and lethargy, cardiac arrhythmia, decreased potassium concentration. Blood, retinal damage due to high blood pressure and in rare cases pulmonary edema.

Licorice Tea
Licorice Tea
  • ✔️ Excessive consumption of licorice or its other products is harmful due to stimulation of adrenal glands and excessive secretion of aldosterone hormone.
  • ✔️ Excessive use of licorice is also harmful for the spleen.
  • ✔️ People with high blood pressure and its background should also consume licorice products with caution.
  • ✔️ The consumption of this plant and its products is prohibited for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • ✔️ Licorice is prohibited for diabetic patients.
  • ✔️ Those who have liver problems (bile and liver cirrhosis) should not use licorice.
  • ✔️ The duration of using licorice should not be more than three weeks.

How to prepare licorice tea (Recipe)

Pour a teaspoon of ground licorice (or licorice root) into a teapot with a glass of boiling water and place it on an indirect flame for ten minutes, then mix it with candy or honey and drink it.


Do not drink more than three glasses of this tea in a day.

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