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Masala Tea (Chai) Recipe, How To Make It?

How to prepare masala tea: Regarding how to prepare masala tea, we must say that the ingredients in the preparation can be different, if you want to get the real taste of masala tea, use special Indian spices, in addition to the ingredients…

How to make masala chai?

Masala tea is a distinct style of tea. which has many fans in India and Southeast Asia.

Masala tea has warm and relaxing spices. In India, masala tea is consumed not only after every meal but also at any time and weather.

Masala tea is a very simple drink and at the same time it is very suitable for making a perfect and cold winter day.

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Regarding the preparation of masala tea, we must say that the ingredients can be different, if you want to get the real taste of masala tea, use special Indian spices, in addition to the mentioned ingredients, you can add fennel, saffron, and even black tea. Use in combinations.

The history of masala tea goes back to 5000 years ago in South Asia. When the kings used this tea as a drink that had medicinal properties. At that time, making masala tea was very simple. And it was served both cold and hot, and various spices were used in its preparation. In fact, the way to prepare it was different in different regions.

Currently, masala tea is known in many parts of the world and there are many variations in how to prepare masala tea. It can almost be said that there is no fixed recipe for making masala tea, but tea, milk and ginger spice are used in all the recipes. has been Recently, masala tea has gained many fans in European and especially American countries.

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Ingredients for masala tea recipe

Cloves 6 pieces
Cardamom 7 pieces
Cinnamon sticks 2 pieces
Ginger 2 pieces
Fennel powder 1 tablespoon
Black peppercorns 2 pieces
Cups lukewarm water 2 pieces
Cups of milk 2 pieces
Honey as desired

Fennel powder. Cinnamon stick. Ginger, black peppercorns. push. cloves Open and pour the contents into a container.

Add spices to boiling water and heat for three to five minutes.

At this stage, add milk and honey, heat for 30 seconds.

If you use black tea and mint to prepare masala tea, add black tea and mint at this stage.

The longer the brewing time (making masala tea), the stronger the flavor of the tea.

And in the last stage of masala tea preparation, you will see that it has reached a thick gray color and a crust has formed on the surface. Now you can drink it directly or eat it with biscuits or other different food items.

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Important points

✔️ If you keep the masala tea on high heat. The ingredients will lose their taste and it is possible that your tea will not taste good. Be careful in choosing the spices of this tea. Fresh and aromatic spices will definitely give better quality to your product.

✔️ Instead of honey, you can also use other sweeteners such as candy.

✔️ Masala tea is one of the hot drinks.

✔️ It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the raw materials and its necessities.

✔️ You can serve masala tea in breakfast, snack, dessert.

✔️ Note that the amount of ingredients and the recipe is suitable for 4 people.

Why masala tea is good for health?

In fact, these are the ingredients of masala tea, which creates a useful drink, for example, the presence of ginger improves digestion, protects you from colds and flu, and helps to improve joint pain.

Masala Tea (Chai) Recipe
Masala Tea (Chai) Recipe

Is there any other type of masala tea?

Yes. As the popularity of masala tea increased, the variety in its preparation also increased. For example, in Kashmir, instead of using black tea, green tea is used to prepare masala tea. Some people use rooibos instead of black tea to drink masala tea without caffeine. They also use
In America, some cafes bring a type of masala tea to customers along with espresso. But the drink that is brought along with espresso has other names, such as Java tea, Java tea is a type of masala tea that is usually offered to customers with coffee in America.
Masala tea in India is usually used with brown sugar, while in other countries, masala tea is also used with honey and mint.

Is it possible to change the composition of masala tea?

The main ingredients in masala chai may vary, but the spices used include ginger, Indian spices for masala chai, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, fennel, and cloves. they are going. Part of the fun of drinking masala chai is that each cup doesn’t always taste the same.

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