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Onion Tea Benefits and Side Effects + Brewing Method

Onion is usually used in cooking and has a strong and special taste and aroma. In some Asian countries, onions are often found in hot and spicy foods, such as curry and many others. But it is better to know that not only the onion itself has a lot of nutritional value, but its skin also has many properties.

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Antioxidant properties of onion peel tea:

Based on the analysis, the outer part of the onion (skin) contains high antioxidants. A type of antioxidant compound that plays an important role in the body is flavonoid. Onion skin tea has a type of flavonoid called quercetin. Quercetin is effective in fighting free radicals in the body.

Therefore, consumption of onion skin tea protects the body from various diseases and improves the overall health of the body.

Speeding up the healing process:

The chemicals in the onion skin are useful for healing all kinds of diseases, from all kinds of skin problems to other body injuries. These chemicals are effective by helping to regenerate cells and increasing the rate of recovery of damaged organs. The healing process should be done as quickly as possible.

Skin rejuvenation and increasing elasticity:

Onion skin tea contains dietary fiber that can be useful in the body’s metabolism. This type of fiber stimulates skin elasticity. and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin.

It helps to heal acne:

Like other home remedies, onion skin tea can reduce and improve acne symptoms. Drinking any kind of tea makes you feel relaxed and relieved. These conditions reduce the possibility of acne as one of the causes related to the mental state of the mind

Other causes of acne include: excessive oiliness of the skin, bacterial infection, irregular diet, inflammation, abnormal hormone levels, and genetics. Onion skin tea can prevent these factors and also helps to treat skin diseases such as cysts, dark spots, wounds and skin inflammation.

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Onion skin helps with vision problems:

If you have vision problems, you can use onion skin tea as an alternative to the usual treatment. Onion skin tea provides the necessary nutrients for the eyes. Although the lack of vitamin A and other substances, especially antioxidants, helps to reduce the risk of some eye disorders and macular degeneration, thus improving vision and reducing its health.

Onion Tea
Onion Tea

Preventing wounds:

Due to the large amount of antioxidants, onion peel tea can help you prevent stomach ulcers, of course, treating other ulcers may also be possible with onion peel tea. Ulcers are usually caused by a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori. Antioxidants in onion tea prevent the growth of those bacteria.

As a result, the risk of ulcers, especially stomach ulcers, is reduced. Now, it should be known that Helicobacter pylori may cause other diseases as well. Fighting free radicals in the body seems to be another benefit of onion skin tea.

Reducing the risk of osteoporosis:

According to recent studies by the University of Bern in Switzerland, consuming raw onions (including the skin) per day increases bone mineral density in rats by 13-17%.

This data suggests that onion skin tea may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. In general, onion and its derived products, including onion skin tea, have positive effects on human bones. This is due to the presence of minerals (calcium, iron, manganese, etc.) inside the onion.

It prevents many diseases:

Due to the large amount of quercetin along with its healing properties, onion skin tea can help protect and fight various diseases such as cataracts, hypertension and high blood pressure, fever, asthma and breast cancer.

Onion skin is an excellent anti-cancer agent:

It has been reported that onion skin tea, like other teas, has anti-cancer properties. This is mainly due to the presence of phytochemicals (trisulfide, vinyldithionine, cephene and disulfide) in onion skin tea. It is said that these chemicals have anti-cancer properties. Other factors quercetin and antioxidants can be found in onion skin tea.

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Acts as an antibacterial agent:

It is said that the phytochemical in onion skin tea has antibacterial properties. When you consume it, a group of bacteria in your body will soon be destroyed. Onion skin prevents diseases caused by bacterial infections, for example heart palpitations, pus from wounds and pus in the throat, etc.

There is nothing wrong with consuming onion skin tea. However, onions have been recognized as a food item and have been cultivated for thousands of years.

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