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Pau D’arco Tea Benefits and Side Effects + Recipe

What is Pau D’arco tea? Pau d’arco tea is made from the leaves and bark of the tree of the same name, which is native to the Caribbean, South America, and especially Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay; it will be obtained.

Pau d’arco tree has very hard wood and leaves that stay green.

Its flowers are purple and pink.

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This tree lives up to several decades and has several species, and it is not easy to recognize the species from which pau d’arco tea is obtained.

The inner layer of its trunk skin is used to produce this tea that has therapeutic uses.

pau d’arco tea is called Iperoxo in Brazil and Lapacho Colorado in Paraguay and Argentina.

Unfortunately, the Padarko tree has been declared as one of the endangered plants.

How to store pau d’arco tea

  • pau d’arco tea must be kept away from light and in a dark and dry place.
  • Contact with different metals reduces the properties of this tea; So it is better to store pau darco tea in Pyrex, porcelain or glass containers and use a wooden spoon to use it.

Pau d’arco tea benefits

By checking various domestic and foreign sources, we usually end up with a very long list of the benefits of pau d’arco tea benefits. The fact is that some of these benefits have been proven in practice, but scientific research has not yet been done for all of them.

Despite the many benefits mentioned for this tea, in this article we try to provide a comparative list of the more experienced benefits of this special tea, and more importantly, by explaining the properties of its elements, our review will be more scientific; Because the science of botany has explained the properties of plant elements and everything we will say about the elements of this plant can be verified from various scientific sources.

But before examining the properties of the elements of this plant, let us first mention some of the more famous therapeutic properties of Padarko healing tea:

  • Treatment of diabetes
  • Cancer treatment (controversy about how much it affects cancer)
  • Treatment of rheumatism
  • Treatment of various tumors
  • Against all types of bacteria and viruses
  • Treatment of all types of wounds and fungi by topical use of the extract or boiled skin of this plant, including the treatment of the HPV virus, which is the genital wart virus, or the treatment of toenail fungus.
  • Strong antibiotic
  • Nerve relaxant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cough reliever due to smoking
  • Relieving sinus congestion
  • Against Parkinson’s disease and head and hand tremors
  • Anti- eczema and seasonal allergies
  • Useful for the liver
  • Useful for the prostate
  • Useful for kidney discomfort
  • It can reduce the speed of weight gain.

The main components of this tea and their properties are as follows:

Lapachol : This substance reduces the growth rate of various tumors in the human body and is a strong antifungal agent. It has also been named as an anti-cancer agent.

Anthraquinone : This element is a cure for constipation , anti-cough and useful for cancer treatment.

Naphthoquinone : It is anti-bacterial and anti-tumor, and it is considered a blood coagulant and helps the health of body tissues and bones.

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Tips on how to prepare and how much to consume pau d’arco tea

  • Use purified and completely clean water to prepare this tea.
  • When boiling water and brewing pau d’arco tea, use ceramic and Pyrex containers and do not use metal containers; Because it is said that metal destroys the properties of this plant.
  • Do not use the microwave when preparing boiling water to prepare pau d’arco tea.
  • Most sources emphasize that the best way to consume pau d’arco tea is to drink it lukewarm.
  • The best way to prepare this tea is to boil tea in a porcelain container and for every liter of water, you can use one tablespoon of pau d’arco tea.
  • After pouring the tea into the boiling water, reduce the flame to a minimum and close the lid of the container so that the tea steam does not escape as much as possible.
  • The duration of brewing this tea should continue until its color turns completely brown. The time required to brew it is mentioned in different sources between half an hour and one hour.
  • After brewing, pass it through a strainer and discard the rest of the skins or tea leaves.
  • In some sources, there is more emphasis on consuming this tea daily and for 90 days at a certain time, but because consuming too much of this tea can cause nausea or dizziness, we recommend that you start consuming it with a small amount and use it yourself. In practice, find out the appropriate and balanced amount for your body; Especially since no specific amount of consumption is mentioned for it.

In one of the foreign sources, the maximum amount of its consumption is one and a half grams per day, and it is said that consuming more than this amount causes pseudo-poisoning and can be harmful to the human liver and black liver.

Pau D'arco Tea
Pau D’arco Tea

What are the side effects of pau d’arco tea?

The most famous side effects of pau d’arco tea are vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, anemia and sometimes bleeding.

Pregnant women and babies are prohibited from consuming this type of tea; It is also recommended to consult a doctor about the use of pau d’arco tea by children.

Some of the most famous drugs that can negatively interact with pau d’arco tea and cause side effects; as follows:

  • Aspirin
  • Blood thinners
  • Warfarin Warfarin
  • Coumadin
  • Clopidogrel Clopidogrel
  • Antiplatelet drugs Platelets


Pau d’arcotea should be kept in a dark place and not come into contact with metal.

When brewing it, one tablespoon is enough for every liter of water.

There is no specific dosage for it, so it is better to start consuming it from small amounts and everyone should know their own temperament in order to adjust the correct dosage of this tea. Taking too much of it causes side effects such as vomiting or dizziness.

If you are sick, consult your doctor before using this tea; At the same time, its consumption is prohibited for pregnant women and young children.

It has healing properties for inflammation, tumor, cancer, any bacteria and virus, and is very useful in problems related to liver, kidney, prostate, diabetes, Parkinson’s and seasonal allergies.

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