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Rose Tea Benefits and Side Effects + Brewing Method

Rose tea is an aromatic and wonderful drink with exemplary properties for those who are interested in hot drinks. This fragrant and special flower is used in the preparation of rose water, jam, perfume, in the form of powder inside spices, in the composition of sweets, etc.

Rose has a warm nature and is great for soothing nerves. You can make tea from these colorful and fragrant petals and prepare a 100% oriental and soothing drink. So please have a cup of health and peace.

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Rose tea to detoxify the body

Regular consumption of rose tea helps to detoxify and cleanse the body in the first step. Because it affects the liver and bile and makes them clean. This aromatic drink is diuretic and helps control water retention in the body. Of course, it must be said that one flower does not make spring. That is, you cannot benefit from these unique properties by drinking a cup of rose tea. You should drink this drink regularly and for a period of treatment.

Roses are rich in vitamin C

Rose has a warm nature and is great for soothing nerves. You can make tea from these colorful and fragrant petals and prepare a 100% oriental and soothing drink. Rose has many health benefits. This colorful flower is rich in vitamin C. According to the Food and Drug Organization, the petals and stem of this flower (especially in raw form) are a rich source of vitamin C.

You should know that in the process of drying the flower, 25-60% of the vitamin C in it is lost. Therefore, it is recommended to use fresh roses as much as possible in preparing tea. Remember that vitamin C is very important for the immune system, maintaining the health of the skin and bones. This vitamin plays an effective role in absorbing as much iron as possible.

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Rose is a source of antioxidants and anti-cancer

Rose tea has other benefits. This flower is rich in antioxidants and especially polyphenols known as catechins. Antioxidants protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals and thus prevent the occurrence of cancers.

Antioxidant compounds not only prevent the damage of free radicals, but also cause the destruction of cancer cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells. In fact, this flower improves the health of the inside and outside of the body and preserves its youth. Rose tea is useful for dealing with all kinds of respiratory problems caused by colds.

Rose Tea
Rose Tea

Rose tea to relieve female pain

Rose tea is also effective in improving menstrual cramps. If you also suffer from premenstrual syndrome, be sure to include this tea in your daily schedule. According to some experts, this flower is also effective in regulating irregular or severe menstruation. It should be said that rose is also effective for increasing libido.

Rose tea is the best drink for cold days

Rose tea is useful for dealing with various respiratory problems caused by colds and flu. Therefore, it is recommended not to neglect this tea when the cold days of the year arrive.

Rose tea is antipyretic

If you have a fever, you can trust this tea. Rose tea lowers body temperature and reduces fever. This tea is effective for cleansing the body and reducing inflammation, as well as removing skin lesions. The results of studies show that rose prevents the aggravation of infection.

Rose tea to calm the nerves

Rose tea soothes the nervous system. If you drink this tea regularly, you will get rid of problems like insomnia and fatigue. This drink is fun for the nerves after a long and stressful working day, and it relieves fatigue and regains energy.

Side effects of Rose tea

Rosemary has no special side effects, but consumption of this flower in some people can cause allergic reactions and side effects such as itching.

Also, excessive consumption of marigolds causes thirst, constipation and in some cases diarrhea.

How to prepare rose tea:

Boil a tablespoon of rose with a tablespoon of black tea or green tea in a teapot with water at a temperature of 80 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can drink rose tea with honey.

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