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Senna Tea Benefits and Side effects, During Menstruation

Senna tea is one of the laxative drinks that is used for people who have problems such as constipation and intestinal dysfunction, or people who are looking to cleanse the body or lose weight.

Senna is a plant that is obtained from several flowering species of cassia plants. The leaves, flowers and fruits of the senna plant have been used as a laxative or stimulant for centuries.

Senna leaves were also used in some teas to help with constipation or weight loss. Most of the senna plants used are C. acutifolia and C. angustifulia, which grow in the Middle East and India.

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Senna tea Benefits

  • Constipation relief
  • Hemorrhoid treatment
  • Help with irritable bowel syndrome
  • Colonoscopy preparation

Constipation Relief: Constipation is a very common health issue. Definitely one of the main reasons people choose this herbal remedy is to relieve constipation. Senna tea is FDA approved as an over-the-counter laxative. How does senna help relieve constipation?
It has been shown in controlled trials to soften stools as well as increase stool frequency and weight.

How long does it take for the Senate to be effective? On average, it takes about eight hours, but it can usually take between 6 and 12 hours. A common recommendation is to drink senna tea before bed for constipation relief the next morning.

As a natural remedy for constipation, it can be used as a temporary reliever but should not be a long-term solution.

Hemorrhoid treatment: Hemorrhoid is swelling and inflammation in the veins of the anus and rectum. This swelling and inflammation is often due to constipation and increased abdominal pressure. Hemorrhoids can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant, and many people are looking for natural ways to get rid of hemorrhoids. Because senna tea is used to treat constipation; It makes sense why people use it to prevent and heal hemorrhoids.

Help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Some of the most common symptoms of IBS include changes in bowel movements, such as diarrhea or constipation. Senna is prescribed by a doctor when lactulose does not eliminate constipation.

Preparation for colonoscopy: Senna tea is sometimes prescribed to cleanse the colon before a colonoscopy.

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Dangers of consuming too much senna tea

There are several case reports of liver damage, coma, or nerve damage in some people after using senna tea. In these cases, people have taken more than the recommended dose and used it for long periods.

People with the following medical conditions should not use senna tea, including:

  • Ileus
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Appendicitis
  • body dryness
  • diarrhea
  • Heart disease

Also, anyone with abdominal pain or children under 2 years old should not use senna tea.

Senna Tea
Senna Tea

Senna tea for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Pregnant women with constipation should talk to their doctor before using senna or any other laxative.

Senna appears to be safe for breastfeeding women who take the recommended amount. Even a small amount of this plant passes into breast milk, which does not seem to have any effect on the baby’s stool.

Side effects of senna tea

Senna tea can cause some discomfort and even serious side effects.

These complications include the following:

  • diarrhea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Loss of body fluids
  • stomach ache
  • Electrolyte disorders
  • Weakness

Long-term use of senna tea can cause dependence for defecation, finger deformity (reversible), rectal bleeding and weakness.

Anyone who experiences any of these side effects should talk to their doctor, especially if they persist.

You should drink enough fluids or electrolyte replacement solutions, including an electrolyte drink, while taking senna tea. This prevents you from losing too much fluid or electrolytes, especially if you have diarrhea.

To deal with heartburn or abdominal pain, people should reduce the dosage until the discomfort goes away.

Drug interaction of senna tea

There are several drug interactions to be aware of. Being aware of these things helps people make sure they are using senna tea safely.

People who are taking the following medications or herbal supplements should avoid taking senna.

Contraceptives: Senna can interact with a form of estrogen in some birth control products, including the vaginal ring, patch, or pill. The effect of birth control may decrease, which makes a person more likely to have an unwanted pregnancy.

Digoxin: Senna can cause electrolyte imbalance in the body, especially potassium levels. Low potassium can cause problems for those taking digoxin.

Warfarin: Diarrhea in people taking warfarin can increase the risk of serious bleeding. Because senna can cause diarrhea, anyone taking warfarin should avoid eating senna.

Diuretics: Like senna, some diuretics can lower potassium and other electrolyte levels. Taking this medicine at the same time can cause the potassium level to drop to a dangerous level.

Estrogens: Estrogens in hormone replacement therapy react in the same way as birth control pills. Using senna along with hormone replacement therapy may cause estrogen not to be absorbed or to work well.

Horsetail: Horsetail is a plant that is used for several different purposes. Horsetail is thought to lower potassium levels in some people. Taking senna with horsetail may lower potassium levels too low.

Licorice: Licorice also lowers potassium levels, people should avoid taking licorice and senna at the same time.

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