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The #17 Side Effects of Tea (+Video)

People around the world consume tea on a daily basis. Some drink strong tea and some pale; The caffeine in tea relaxes the muscles and the nervous system. However, it should be known that consuming too much of this drink is harmful. Daily consumption of tea increases body toxins. Its root cause is the presence of aluminum in the leaves of some types of tea.

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There is no doubt that tea has many benefits for the body and the antioxidants in it are good for heart health.
But not paying attention to the correct way of consuming it can turn this drink into a threat to the body.
Drinking hot tea increases the risk of esophageal cancer.

This risk is multiple for smokers and alcoholics.
Also, drinking hot tea interferes with the cleansing process of the kidneys and can be a serious threat to the body’s digestive system in the long run.

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The high temperature of this drink can also damage the teeth and stomach tissue and lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.
To avoid these threats and benefit from the properties of this drink, it is recommended to drink pale tea, maximum four times a day, in small glasses and at the right temperature.

But due to the “cold and dry nature” of black tea, daily, continuous and high consumption of tea can certainly bring various complications and damages to health, especially that we must consider the harms listed for black tea in the case of tea.

Side Effects of Tea
Side Effects of Tea

It is common to be pure and without various additives, but unfortunately, most of the black tea that is consumed every day in our country is imported tea, and all these teas contain a large amount of chemical essences, unnatural colors, and even illegal additives in the case of smuggled teas imported to are the country; So, the harms and side effects of consuming black teas, which most of us Iranians are used to drinking every day, are much, much wider than Iranian teas without additives and essential oils.

Side effects of drinking tea

  1. Infection and development of gastric and duodenal ulcers
  2. Heel spurs in women
  3. iron deficiency anemia
  4. Chronic prostatitis in men
  5. hair loss
  6. Deterioration of teeth
  7. “Bhagh” and brown spots on the face
  8. Eczema and dry skin
  9. constipation
  10. Wrinkles and cracks in the forehead skin
  11. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids
  12. High consumption of tea, which contains aluminum, can be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.
  13. Consuming a lot of tea prevents the excretion of fluoride. One of the bad effects of increasing fluoride is increasing bone fractures. Fluorine weakens bones, and as a result, the possibility of bone fractures increases in a person.
  14. Another disadvantage of tea is the appearance of brown spots on the teeth and damage to the gums.
  15. Disturbance in the urinary system is another disadvantage of drinking too much tea. In this situation, the bladder becomes heavy and the person needs to empty the bladder regularly.
  16. One of the most important side effects of this drink is slow blood clotting.
  17. The risk of esophageal cancer increases with high consumption of tea. The channel that connects the stomach to the mouth is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.
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