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Tea Addiction, Cause + Symptoms & Why Is It Dangerous?!

Whether tea really has compounds that make people addicted to tea and drink it is a subject that has many answers and reactions. At first, we try to examine this issue scientifically and carefully in several cases and provide you with answers based on the results of the research.

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Caffeine is the main cause of tea addiction

In general, the first thing that you might have guessed is the presence of caffeine in tea. You might say to yourself that the amount of caffeine in coffee is much higher, so why does tea make people addicted to it? The answer to this question is simple and it must be said that the presence of caffeine causes addiction to coffee and both drinking too much coffee and drinking tea will make both people addicted.

In fact, caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, which in some way causes relaxation and stimulation of pleasure in people, and it can be said that not only caffeine, but any pleasurable substance and action will bring with it the risk of addiction, from drugs, From smoking and hookah to sex and more, they all have one thing in common and that is their enjoyment.

The tein in tea makes a person addicted to it

In addition to the caffeine that we talked about in the previous section, which is present in tea and causes pleasure in the consumer, we would like to introduce another substance that is specific to tea itself and can cause addiction to tea if you do not pay attention to its management. be you The tranquilizing substance “theine” is a stimulant of the sympathetic nervous system, which increases the secretion of adrenaline in your blood.

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You may not have heard of it before, but if you are a person who consumes tea, you have probably seen its results clearly. When you come home from work or have done a heavy activity and you are lethargic, if you pay attention By drinking a glass of tea, your mood will change and you will be refreshed, this good mood has no reason other than thein substance.

Addiction to tea with additives

An issue that may not have been proven, but the reasons and evidence show that this claim is correct. It is true that tea itself has natural substances that can cause addiction by creating pleasure in a person, but are the caffeine and theine in tea really so effective? First of all, we want to clarify a simple issue. Let us introduce you to try to think about it just by seeing it:

Isn’t it a little suspicious that more than 90% of people who are addicted to cigarettes and more than 90% of people who smoke are also addicted to drinking tea? This issue has been raised for several years that many foreign tea producers Consumers have become addicted to the addition of additives, although this has not yet been proven.

What are the signs of tea addiction in people?

In the previous parts, we showed you that from the scientific point of view and the research that has been done, tea addiction is definitely not an illusion and speculation, and this issue really exists. Every person can recognize better than anyone else that Is it something addict or not? Here, we want to tell you the most important things through which you can find out whether you have really found this addiction or not, so that you can make a better conclusion.

Tea Addiction
Tea Addiction

Why is tea addiction dangerous?

The problem that many of us have in dealing with various issues is not respecting the balance and going to extremes. Everything, even oxygen, which is the most vital substance in the world for humans, causes suffocation and death.

Tea is not so dangerous and harmful that we want to give up drinking it and it is not so useful that we want to drink 10 glasses of tea a day. high consumption) is created for your body.

Additives, especially chemical flavorings added to tea, contain phenol, which can cause cancer if used too much.

If you are addicted to tea after meals, you may suffer from anemia in the long term due to lack of iron absorption in your body. (This issue is more dangerous for women who have more iron excretion.)

The tannin in tea is a diuretic, and by increasing this issue, your blood plasma will thicken in the long term. Research has shown that the tea plant has a substance called oxalic acid, which is poisonous and causes metabolic disorders. This substance will be deposited in the kidney and cause kidney stone disease. Tea consumption is harmful to the health of the teeth and causes them to turn black in the long run. Stomach acid increases and may cause pain in the stomach and sometimes stomach ulcers.

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The harm of drinking tea

Don’t forget that despite all the issues and harms we mentioned about excessive tea consumption, drinking tea is definitely one of the most popular and healthy options in the world, if you can balance your consumption and avoid drinking tea. You don’t need to take any special action, but by observing the following points, you can have a positive and beneficial effect on the nutritional value of tea. Try to stop drinking tea an hour before and 2 hours after a meal so that iron from food is not eliminated.

Adding a little milk to tea, especially in the morning, can play a beneficial role in the health of the tea.

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Use freshly brewed tea to drink (the first ten minutes of brewing) because fresh tea has a lot of antioxidants that are very valuable for the human body, and as time passes, the amount of antioxidants decreases and the amount of oxalate, which is a harmful substance, decreases. It increases for the body. If you can replace white tea and green tea with black tea, because the properties of green and white tea are more.

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Using the solution inside black tea can be of special help to people who are addicted to tea, but note that using it is not a filter for drinking too much tea.

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