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Tea With Cardamom, Great #24 Benefits + How to Brew

Tea with Cardamom: Cardamom is a plant that grows in tropical and hot regions. Its homeland is India and about 80% of the cardamom consumed in the world is supplied from India. The scientific name of this plant is Elettaria cardamomum.

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Benefits of tea with cardamom

✔️ 1. Strengthen appetite with cardamom tea
Cardamom stimulates appetite and improves digestion and stimulates appetite.

✔️ 2. Treatment of indigestion with cardamom tea
Cardamom tea relieves colitis, indigestion, flatulence, nausea and lethargy, and prevents excessive secretion of stomach acid.

✔️ 3. Preventing the formation of phlegm in the throat from the properties of cardamom tea
One of the special and very valuable properties of cardamom is preventing the formation of phlegm in the throat. Therefore, it can be added to dairy products and puddings to neutralize the effect of milk that causes the formation of phlegm in the throat and to help its digestion.

Cardamom seeds have the property of expectorant medicine and clean the sinuses and bronchi, nose and chest from phlegm and excess secretions.

✔️ 4. The energizing properties of cardamom tea
As mentioned, cardamom has warming and energizing properties, hence it helps to improve mood and recover lost energy and strength, reduces anxiety and worry and is effective in relieving depression.

✔️ 5. Strengthening the kidneys with cardamom and cardamom tea
Cardamom also strengthens the kidneys and is said to be useful in treating enuresis in children.

✔️ 6. Cardamom helps digestion and stomach pain
Cardamom can also neutralize the unpleasant smell of the mouth (such as the smell of garlic and onions). Cardamom tea is useful for treating heartburn, stomach pain and indigestion. Cardamom seeds have warming properties and strengthen the stomach and intestines.
Chewing cardamom seeds after eating, while helping to digest food better, can also neutralize the unpleasant

smell of the mouth (such as the smell of garlic and onions).
Cardamom seeds have warming properties and strengthen the stomach and intestines.

✔️ 7. Cardamom increases blood circulation in the skin
Cardamom polishes your skin. The main reason is that cardamom increases blood circulation in your skin and does what it’s supposed to do.

Undoubtedly, your skin needs a complete solution to all its problems, not just a temporary solution. This is what cardamom does because it is rich in vitamins, antimicrobial agents and minerals.

Tea With Cardamom
Tea With Cardamom

✔️ 8. Strengthening weak hair strands with cardamom
Cardamom strengthens your weak hair strands and gives you strong and healthy hair. Because cardamom seeds have antioxidant properties.

✔️ 9. Lower blood pressure with cardamom tea
Cardamom tea regulates blood circulation in the body and reduces the risk of high blood pressure

✔️ 10. Cardamom tea prevents colon cancer
Colon cancer is one of the most common causes of death in the world.
Due to the expensive treatment and the side effects of the treatment, researchers are trying to find a suitable and better alternative for it.

According to the research conducted by two Indian researchers at the Calcutta Cancer Institute, it was found that the use of cardamom could eliminate 48 percent of colon cancer.

✔️ 11. Cardamom tea protects the heart
A study conducted at the College of Pharmacy in Saudi Arabia showed that the use of cardamom controls heart rate and blood pressure.

Nutrients in cardamom neutralize sugar in fat. According to an experiment conducted on mice, antioxidants useful for the liver and heart produced enzymes that reduced cholesterol in mice.

✔️ 12. Cardamom tea is an antidepressant
Cardamom tea has antidepressant properties.
Its oil and extract are used in aromatherapy.

This plant is not only used to relieve depression, but it is also used in the treatment of some diseases, including stomach problems and respiratory diseases.

✔️ 13. Cardamom tea protects the intestines and stomach
This plant is widely used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.
In the traditional medicine common among Muslims and Arabs, this plant is used to cure stomach and intestinal disorders.

The methanolic extract of this plant eliminates problems such as sour stomach, bloating and stomach pain.
According to a research conducted in New Delhi by a group of researchers, it was found that the volatile extracts in cardamom have a positive effect on the intestines and stomach.

✔️ 14. Cardamom tea is a strong antimicrobial
Cardamom has been known as an anti-infective for thousands of years.
Its antimicrobial properties have been proven in new science. An experiment was conducted on the volatile extract in cardamom, which showed that the presence of this extract prevents the growth and spread of some dangerous microbes that cause food poisoning.

✔️ 15. Cardamom tea has anti-inflammatory properties
In traditional Indian medicine, cardamom is used to strengthen muscles and relieve joint pain.
Muscle cramps are more common in the elderly.
A small stretch leads to muscle spasms in them and causes severe pain.

A study conducted in Saudi Arabia on animals proved that the use of cardamom relieved their muscle cramps.
New research has also proven the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of cardamom.

✔️ 16. Cardamom tea protects teeth
Traditional medicine doctors in China and India have been using cardamom for centuries to treat pain and oral problems.
After making the antibiotic, it was found that this medicine has different results and at the same time it has side effects in some cases.
One of these side effects is the removal and destruction of necessary and good bacteria in the intestine.

Using natural treatments prevents microbial infections without harming probiotic bacteria.

In a research conducted in California, the existence of antimicrobial properties of cardamom has been proven.

✔️ 17. Cardamom tea is a cure for asthma
Use cardamom tea to treat asthma or other respiratory problems.
In a research conducted using animals, it was found that there is an extract in cardamom that is very effective for removing tracheal congestion.

In this research, it was also found that cardamom relaxes the tissues of the trachea.
But other tests are needed to prove its effect on humans.

✔️ 18. Cardamom tea has detoxification properties
The body’s metabolism produces toxins and free radicals that must be neutralized and removed from the body.
If we cannot remove free radicals from the body, it will cause many diseases such as cancer or premature aging.

Cardamom tea can act as a natural detoxifier.According to a research conducted by a group of scientists, cardamom has good effects against cancer cells.

✔️ 19. Cardamom tea improves blood circulation
Cardamom is used in traditional therapeutic methods such as aromatherapy to treat the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.
The aroma of cardamom improves blood circulation and blood supply to the lungs.

Cardamom extracts were used to relieve stress in anxious and nervous people, and it was found that by consuming cardamom, their blood circulation became regular and better, and gradually their stress was relieved.

✔️ 20. Cardamom tea to treat nausea, vomiting
When the patient is nauseous in traditional medicine, they push him. Cardamom is an effective tonic and can relieve nausea and vomiting.

✔️ 21. Cardamom tea is a good treatment for sore throat
Cardamom and cinnamon, if boiled together, are very useful and effective as a gargle during sore throat.

✔️ 22. Cardamom tea increases sexual power
Since cardamom has a sweet taste, it can be said that it has the property of increasing sexual power. Cardamom can also be used to remove sexual impotence.

✔️ 23. Cardamom tea treatment of urinary problems
Cardamom tea In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, cardamom is used for urinary diseases and infections such as nephritis, bladder cancer and gonorrhea.

✔️ 24. Cardamom tea to treat hiccups
Hiccups are a very annoying problem especially for children.
There are many treatments in traditional medicine to cure hiccups, one of which is to scare the person who hiccups
To cure hiccups, boil some cardamom pods and then drink the decoction, the hiccups will go away.

How to make cardamom brew

Pour 30 grams of pounded cardamom into one liter of boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. Then strain it and drink it. Cardamom can also be added to tea while brewing.

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