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Tea With Chocolate, Live #120 years with these benefits

A new study has shown that drinking tea and chocolate, or coffee and chocolate can prolong life. Of course, in order to really prolong your life, you should consume these foods with zinc supplements, thus creating a combination that slows down the aging process.

According to studies conducted at the University of Erlangen in Nuremberg and Auburn University in Alabama, this compound can counteract naturally occurring “oxidative stress”; Oxidative stress is a gas that causes aging and other diseases such as cancer, inflammation or degenerative diseases.

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Chocolate With Tea Benefits On Longevity

To investigate the effect of zinc, known for its properties in helping the body fight bacteria and viruses, as well as antioxidant polyphenols in coffee or tea and chocolate, researchers combined the two substances in the laboratory.

By themselves, chocolate polyphenols cannot break down oxidative stress, but researchers found that when these antioxidants are combined with zinc, they create an enzyme called a “mega-complex” that can protect the body from harmful waste gas, which is one of the byproducts. It is produced on the side of the cells.

The result of this combination is something similar to the natural enzyme “superoxide dismutase” or SOD, which in addition to eliminating gas, also takes care of the body.

This is the first time that researchers have been able to mimic the effect of this enzyme. In their previous efforts, they had used metals such as iron or copper to see if these metals also have anti-erosion effects or not, but with these metals, the process of oxidative stress only increased.

But zinc was effective in this combination because it is less toxic than other metals, and this has caused scientists to present theories to add zinc to food in the future to improve the “health level of customers”.

According to these researchers, zinc (zinc) will probably be added to coffee, tea and chocolate in the future; In addition, it has already been proven that eating chocolate can help improve memory, reduce stress and increase happiness.

Chocolate is made from the theobroma seed of the cocoa tree, and by consuming chocolate, the prevalence of diabetes in people decreases.

According to studies, those who rarely consume chocolate have several times the risk of diabetes than those who eat chocolate more than once a week.

The more bitter the chocolate (i.e. less sugar), the more useful it is.

In addition to reducing the risk of diabetes, chocolate has other therapeutic properties. Therefore, its use is recommended for those who do not have health restrictions.

According to research, people who consume cocoa with high flavonol have a stronger learning process and long-term memory, and the learning coefficient of these people increases a lot. Consuming tea with chocolate

Other Benefits of tea and chocolate

  • Prevention of osteoporosis
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Facilitate blood circulation
  • Feeling energetic and relieving fatigue

Dark chocolate is chocolate that has a cocoa content of up to 75% depending on the amount of dry matter, and its sugar content is very low; In the sense that the main principle of the initial mixture of chocolate is cocoa. Dark or dark chocolate starts with 20% type. This type of chocolate is very bitter and its color is not very dark. This is the basic darkness limit of chocolate, and in high-quality chocolate samples, the darkness limit of chocolate increases by half a percent until it reaches 97%.

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Consuming tea with 30% chocolate

The amount of cocoa in this chocolate is higher than the basic limit. It is not very bitter and its consumption does not cause any special problems in people. Besides that, there is also a 35% type.

It should be noted that people who eat a full meal including wholemeal bread, dairy products, protein, fruit and chocolate during the day have more energy during the day and eat less other meals, especially dinner, which leads to a healthy weight. And it is desirable to have balanced and appropriate blood pressure and blood sugar along with fat.

Eating a piece of dark chocolate for breakfast helps activate more antioxidants in your body. You know that the more antioxidants you have, the less you age. Eating dark chocolate in breakfast is also good for heart health.

When should you avoid consuming dark chocolate?

If you consume 25 grams more of dark chocolate a day, then the body tends to store fat instead of burning fat.

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