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Thyme Tea Benefits, How To Use For Best Performance

Thyme tea has many benefits for health. Thyme plant raises blood pressure and strengthens nerves. Thyme plant and thyme tea are used to cure chronic colitis. Thyme plant is diuretic and removes parasites and moisture from the body. One of the properties of thyme tea and thyme plant is that it removes bile and is effective in treating colds. Increases appetite. You can also use thyme to reduce blood concentration. Strengthening vision is one of the other functions of the thyme plant.

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The benefits of thyme tea for breakfast

Thyme is a famous and well-known medicinal plant from the mint family, which has many properties. Thyme, which is mostly used medicinally, is used in the food, pharmaceutical, health and cosmetic industries. Thyme has a special place in traditional medicine. Thyme is a short and branched shrub with thin and opposite leaves. It has single, umbrella-like white flowers.

Different types of it grow in the mountains of Iran, especially in the foothills of Faridunshahr city and also in Eqlid city (with the name Shirazi thyme).

Thyme has a medicinal use in traditional Iranian and European medicine. This herbal and aromatic plant has many medicinal properties and it is used in a variety of ways in the food industry (pizza, pasta, fish, cheese, liqueur, Mexican corn, etc.), medicine, hygiene and cosmetics. The medicinal parts of this plant are its branches and dried leaves.

In the Middle Ages in France, Italy and Spain, thyme was widely used to treat coughs, indigestion and eliminate intestinal parasites. Thyme has antibacterial and antifungal properties. In some countries, such as the United States, thyme infusion is still very popular to soothe the lungs and cough during colds.

Medicinal thyme tea benefits

In traditional medicine, this plant is used as an anti-spasm, to relieve shortness of breath, cough, and indigestion, and to treat whooping cough, bronchitis, lung infection, cold, flu, and to treat bloating and muscle cramps. Thyme also has antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal properties. And this is due to the presence of a substance called thymol, which if you eat too much of it, you may get poisoned.

Thyme is also warm and dry and antitussive. This plant is abundantly found in the mountains of Zagros, including the mountains of Fereydounshahr and Kurdistan province, especially the mountains of Bijar city, including (Mount Nasar, Hamzah Arab mountain, Nagare Kob mountain and Bijar protected area). Thyme has antimicrobial, anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. has it.

Thyme tea benefits in modern medicine

The modern and proven use of thyme plant is to treat asthma, frequent dry cough, emphysema and bronchitis. Its brewed tea is also used to treat middle ear infection, flatulence and nausea, thyme extract contains a substance called “thymol” which is useful for asthma. Thyme bath is useful for those suffering from muscle, joint and rheumatic pains. Thyme poultice is effective for insect bites. It is forbidden to use this plant during pregnancy, but it is free during breastfeeding.

Thyme Tea
Thyme Tea

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How to use thyme tea

To consume this plant, pour 1 to 4 grams of dry plant powder in a glass of boiled water (for 20 minutes). After straining, sweeten the solution and consume it 3 times a day.

It should be used for gargling in inflammation of the larynx and tonsils and for the treatment of plague. For this purpose, one glass of plant powder should be boiled in four glasses of slowly boiling water for 20 minutes and after straining, it should be used for rinsing the mouth. Various medicinal products are made from this plant and are widely used by patients. .

Thyme is a good purifying agent and is useful in treating insomnia and digestive system diseases. If you brew 5 to 10 grams of ovium in one liter of beer and give it to patients with shortness of breath, kidney, bladder, joint pain, sciatica, uterine bleeding, and abnormal secretions of women, it will be effective in getting rid of their disease.

Thyme is also effective in preventing hair loss. Boil 20 grams of thyme in one liter of water and rub it on your head once a day. In addition, you should not eat too much thyme because it causes albumin to appear in the urine. Thyme extract contains a substance called “thymol” that is useful for asthma. If you drink a cup of thyme tea every morning, you will see its amazing effects after a short time. Thyme is a plant with a spicy and pleasant aroma that is surprisingly used to treat many diseases.

Thyme helps to relieve menstrual pains and increase urination and the birth process, as well as preventing miscarriage, and it has an amazing effect on calming the nerves. This plant actually washes and cleanses the entire body. If you drink a cup of thyme tea every morning Very soon, you will see its positive effects, including great comfort in the stomach area, no coughing in the morning, and a feeling of vitality, as well as many other things.

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